Sunday, April 9, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(


Anonymous said...

We cannot see if your panties are down Veronica. But your neighbours can sure hear if they are. And that so re-assures us !
Brenda and Hubby xx

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Brenda: They're always on my bare bottom.:)

Mike Pahula said...

MIss Mrs Ms Veronica you have one of most cutest bare bottom around your bare butt so adorable as well after good otk spanking over Tony lap iam sure look more lovely then ever you treasure your new Warmth bottom hope some day you make my bottom bare and give it good spanking i know i desver

So Mrs Veroncia when and where can i GET MY OTK SPANKING FROM YOU?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, thank you Veronica. So good to hear this and I am so pleased that you are being raised in such a strict, Ol' fashioned way with traditional, bare bottom discipline ! too !! :-) why would our hubbies spank over protective coverings Veronica ?

Veronica, when I gotten married, my mother gave my hubby the rattan switch (that she had raised me and my sister with !!) and gave strict instructions for my bare botty !! How embarrassing Veronica ! Such a strict, Southern, traditional mom !

Veronica, one of my earliest lessons in the early 1960s, was to understand that the super-soft, super-tender skin on our princess botties provides as a special place for our parents and then hubbies to administer punishment in a strict, loving way all our lives ! That is how I was raised. Mommy said my bottom was provided by God and Nature for her to apply her remedial hairbrush and lil' whippy switch when I was naughty ! Hard and repeated on the bare skin of our botties too Veronica. It's safe and logical, and my religious mother would never dream of spanking over panties, shorts, swimsuits or pajamas (only bare skin). No need for protective coverings Veronica. No way !! Oh my !!

Actually, she was not embarassed because she always supports strict, Southern customs on domestic spanking ! (she is now in her 80s) She always said it was her duty as a strict, loving mom, to bare our lil' botties and make them sting with the switch when we were naughty in the 1960s/70s ! Kind maternal guidance ! And oh my, she did not spare the rod Veronica

My hubby has had thousands of conversations with my mom and sister about our spanking experiences in big detail. These details have been part of out family life for many years Veronica.

I remember first telling my hubby years ago, how once my sister and I had gotten to the tender princess age of eight, mom would forget the hairbrush and fetch the dreaded rattan switch, pull down our shorts and white cotton panties and bend us over the sofa for a good, Georgia-style, botty-bare-whuppin' ! Of course he was fascinated.....especially as he was not actually raised in a strict household ! Well, he is part of one now already Veronica ha ha ! Ol' fashioned discipline is all down to me as the strict mommy !
Nostalgic and Strict Mommy Brenda xx