Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Trying to hide from daddy.:)

Accidentally sent selfie to daddy... OH NO!

Stardom has gone to her head, daddy will remedy.

Have a nice day daddy... tee hee.

Daddy I failed my finals. :(

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Tim . said...

cute girls with cute botties waiting for their spanks , x

Anonymous said...

Veronica, my naughty hubby is licking his lips at that final photo already. Nice spread !
I have reminded him that this is a strict, Ol' fashioned spanking site !! Oh my ! :-)

Oh what a lovely cotton-soft, cotton-white botty Veronica (photo one) just made for a good, traditional, paternal spanking when she is naughty !!
Oh my ! Just stay right there missy. Do not move an inch. Perfect.
Daddy is fetching his flexible, nasty, hard, rubber-soled summer sandal. Oooooh sting botties for you my girl. That'll teach you already ! Stay perfectly still. Boo-Hoo. And if the curtains move an inch you will get double !

For naughty lil' Japanese girl (number three) I am a very strict Japanese mommy who will turn her over my armchair, flip up her red cotton skirt, pull down her snuggy, cotton panties (to her sexy boots) and tan her fairest, bare, naughty backside with a traditional, quality, whippy, Japanese rattan cane; like strict mommies do over there Veronica, as you know ! Your Blog has gotten me into "Dana Specht style, strict Japanese mommy" themes already !! Oh my !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx