Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Drunk in college and failing miserably... what's a daddy too do?

"Daddy I'm ready for the strap now." :(

Daddy says..."I get spanked the most of all his children"... I wonder why?

Playing hooky and posing for pictures...wait until dad finds out!

"Oh Daddy, you're not really going to spank me... are you?"

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Veronica ! Botties on show photo number one

Four very naughty lil' missies drunk ! Four lil' pairs of cutey, cotton panties pulled down. Four fairest, sensitive botties duly exposed ! And one hard-working, exasperated and purposeful mommy who is holding her whippy, rattan switch and is soooo cross already ! Oh dear oh, dear how sad veronica ?!

Lil' Miss Precocious Pinky Princess Blondie Brat of the fairy-soft, bubble-botty on the right, will be the first of four naughy lil' madams to do the traditional, mommy-approved, switchy dance Veronica. Job done !

Yes Veronica, naughty young lady (number two) is ready for my hubby's strap. Daddy is real mad. And the others will suffer the same fate today !

Except those two naughty daughters, playing hooky, who've I've sent to their bedroom already ! Mommy has passed sentence and they are gonna feel my trusty, mommy-approved switchy stick: domestic justice means the hornets nest applied to unprotected botties with their pretty lil' panties pulled down. Smiles and antics sadly terminated ! Although you and I will be smiling Veronica ! :-)

And oh my, what beautiful chubby bums ( third & last one) Veronica ? My mother's vintage, strict, 1960s quote "provided by God and Nature for punishment" is always so timeless, scary and apt ! Boo-Hoo.
Have a god weekend Veronica and Tony.
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Tim . said...

Beautiful girls waiting to be spanked ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Oh yes my darling little naughty angels, you all will really be taken over your loving naughty devil daddy's knee again and again and again, you know the rules for flirting and being naughty teasing with a bare bottom, now come here this instant to strict daddy, you're each getting a bare bottom spanking over naughty devil daddy's knee!!! But of course naughty devil daddy always has a soft heart and forgives his baby dolls after hearing them cry so will need to make sure each little darling knows she's loved soooo much with cuddling, caresses and kisses sitting on naughty devil daddy's lap after her over-the-knee bare bottom spanking is through and if she promises to be a good girl, daddy will give her a bouncy horsey ride on his knee to make her giggle again too!!! So much for being a good girl!

Always have to love Friday's naughty darling angels to start the weekend off with naughty thoughts and a wicked smile!
ND =;)