Monday, April 17, 2017

Please, please, please don't spank me....

...does it sound convincing? 


Anonymous said...

It doesn't convince me, young lady ;)

Lol <3 <3

Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

When you wear such inviting apparel, how can I not want to spank you?

Anonymous said...

Not at all.

Those shorts are coming DOWN...

; )

Anonymous said...

So unconvincing, you are to bare your bottom for a double-dose of the strap!

Anonymous said...

Convincing Veronica ? How dare you..

"Take your shorts down young lady", said Mommy Brenda flicking her whippy, thin, rattan switch in the air. "Yes...and your panties too Veronica ! I have warned you about your attitude and behavior all week, my girl. Oh my, yes, for sure it's gonna sting on a sensitive bare botty. That's the idea princess. A good, Ol' fashioned spanking. Exactly as I gotten it good and proper, with the switch on my bare behind, from my mother in the 1960s Veronica. In the good Ol' days of Georgia town !"

As you are a strictly-raised, well-mannered, lil' Texas girl Veronica :-) xx You will recall those super-strict Southern moms ! I was raised by one of those in the 1960s. Church, God and bare smacked bottoms were constant ! I remember talking to anti-spankers after the PC wave, early 1990s (younger moms and girlfriends), who were horrified at how my mom had whipped my bare botty already, with her rattan cane back in the 1960s/70s !! Oh my, they did not understand the strict, Southern culture Veronica. And they did not understand my traditional mother who gotten the same from Grandma in the 1930s/40s !!

And years before at college in the late 1970s, I discovered that some of my girly peers had not be spanked. And some had been spanked over clothed bottoms...which did not happen in our house !!! Interesting conversation always eh Veronica ?

When I was a lil' girl, a good spanking with the rattan switch was the only punishment my mother used. No time- outs ! (Oh my !) And for sister and me, all spankings were on our bare bottoms. Mom said bare skin meant maximum sting from "the rod"....(no kidding !!) and maximum safety too. And the humbling was crucial too for bratty, naughty eight year olds :-( Boo-Hoo. And panties down allows strict mommies to see what the switch is doing to their daughters' naughty bare white bottoms ...aka building the essential stinging, red "hornets nest" Veronica

So when my mother fetched the dreaded switchy-stick from the cupboard Veronica, then at least one or possibly two pairs of lil' white cotton panties would be coming down for stern, but loving punishment of daughters !
same for you already Veronica. You naughty gorgeous girl already !

Strict Nostalgic Mommy Brenda xx