Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday morning cartoons...

... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies - "bottoms were bared". Oh my, they really were Veronica ! This is just far too unbearably sad and cute ! So modern yet so naturally strict and traditional.

What a fab moment - the artist showing those cutey, pastel, blue shorts and two pairs of lil' cotton panties being pulled down to reveal Pima and Zoe's naughty, pale botties for appropriate punishment. Oh my, listen to those Oucheeeees Veronica :-) it was just like that in the mall in the 1960s ! So nostalgic and realistic !!

The paddles in the stores back then, made me think that the "Authorities" (like Sunday Funnies and cartoon 1, Policeman) would sanction my bare bottom getting a whuppin' when I was a naughty lil' missy ! And judiciously carried out by my strict mom at home already ! All those "cute little deer/bear behind" and "board of education" paddles on display were scary. A warning that bare, red bottoms were simply part of growing up Veronica !! Sure stopped me doing graffiti Veronica (picture 1) ha-ha....

Oh my, Phoebe's mommy knows best Veronica (cartoon 4) A strict, loving , no-nonsense, super-mom after my own heart ! How cute :-)
Lovely Saturday Cartoons Veronica. Thank you. Have a great weekend. Hugs and spanks.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Tim . said...

The naughty girls have super spanks in the supermarket in the shopping mall the spanks amplified for all to hear ,best spanks Tim x hello Brenda .

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim - you are so right
Hugs and spanks
Brenda xx