Thursday, April 13, 2017

Super Thursday Present's: "Marathon Spanking"

Fifteen years ago (yes, that's how old this photo-set is) I was preparing myself to run in a local marathon and every evening I ran a few miles in preparation. On this particular day I put on my track suit and asked Tony to come jogging with me. Of course he declined my offer since he just came home from working a double shift and was very tired. I remember calling him a "fat bastard" who never wants to run or exercise. Well my friends.... that didn't work out to well for me as you can see.:(


Dai Preston said...

Sassy girls who smart off to me are a pet peeve of mine. I prefer to deal with this problem quickly and decisively with a immediate trip over my knee and straight to the bare bottom. A fast, hard spanking follows that is shocking and humiliating to my now sobbing naughty girl.

Mike Pahula said...

well least he wasnt too tired to take you over her knee give you good spanking bet you never ever or havent call him fat bastard since the spanking right i would ran with you or walk with keep you company maybe talk about spankings as well

Unknown said...

You truly got what you deserved!.....and after 15 years, you still look as amazing as you did back then!

Tim . said...

Veronica your trackies are down for a sound spanking over your panties then bare botties ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

You are so right Tim !
Veronica, Oh my, you are sooooo lush and gorgeous. Those views of your delicious bum are lovely. You are so the naughty daughter across father's knee after your tantrums in the park.
Rushed home for a spanking in your sports gear.
Yellow panties are lush for you already Veronica ! Yellow is your colour ! And pink too, I say.

The colour yellow reminds me of spankings in my upbringing because I used to wear those 1950s canary yellow Southern belle dresses to Church and smart occasions Veronica. Pastel blue dresses too. It was actually the 1960s, but nothing had changed in Georgia, and all my clothes were conservative, 1950s-style, bought in the traditional store by my mother ( I had no say Veronica !)

But for my lil' sisiter and me, our underpanties were not sexy yellow like yours Veronica.
They were those large, Ol' fashioned, snuggy white panties (remember those Veronica ?) underneath our canary yellow dresses.

So yes our panties were standard 1950s style....and mother always pulled them down (and raised our dresses) when were naughty girls and needed a whuppin'. Bending over the sofa. So that our fair, sensitive-skinned botties gotten to feel the full, intense sting of the flexible, rattan switch without protective coverings called panties !!!! :-(

Oh my, good n proper switchings and strict, traditional (Christian) family values was how she raised her daughters Veronica. Harmless already and did us good Veronica !!

And that's exactly how Papa Tony is raising you Veronica. I am pleased to see !
Naughty Lil' Traditonal Brenda xx