Friday, May 12, 2017

Fridays Spankable

These two are playing hooky from school!

Meant for boyfriend but sent to daddy by mistake.:(

Thinks she's cute until daddy catches her with her pants down!

Thinking they're too old for a spanking....NOT!

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

My hubby is rather distracted by this last photo Veronica, Oh my !! I am reminding my hubby that she needs a spanking already !

Do not worry about those two lil' princess brats in the first photo Veronica. Fear not ! They live in a conservative Georgia suburb and go to Church every Sunday. Their father is so very strict and has raised them to be well-behaved, well-mannered lil' Southern girls with strong faith and values

When they gotten naughty ever since their earliest years, father has dutifully and routinely bared their bottoms and reddened the fairest, soft skin with his traditional leather strap. Ignoring their cries and blubbering. Harsh but fair domestic justice has been delivered many a time on bare, tender backsides Veronica. And harmless too. He will give them a hug and send them to bed with a swarm of bees buzzing on their sore, stingy botties. Just like normal daddy-approved care and guidance of yore. Their mother approves already. Goes without saying Veronica.

Oh my, their Papa sure does believe in firm discipline, traditional family values and well-spanked bottoms Veronica. Just like you and I do for sure. Who would have thought it eh Veronica ? Fear not those perky lil' tender-bottomed brats !
Strict Traditional Ol' Fashioned Brenda xx

Tim . said...

All these cute girls will be otks botties high up being spanked once their mummie s see this for naughtiness ,best spanks Tim x