Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Spankable

"Please daddy... not on my bare bottom!":(

Daddy's lil' princess.

Why does daddy always insist on spanking me?

Daddy said he's going to put us over his knee later... what does that mean???

Just wait until hubby finds out that I put hot peppers in his eggs. LOL!

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

"Yes young lady, on your bare bottom (photo 1) it's the only way, naughty lil' girls deserve it. And its the only way you're gonna get it in this house missy !" said daddy holding his hard, bendy, thin, flexible, nasty, rubber-soled sandal !

And Oh my, it sure is exactly the same narrative for naughty girl number two Veronica - Daddy's lil' princes. A lil' pair of cotton cartoon panties will flutter down for a good, hard, bare bottom spanking with daddy's slipper.

Bath brush to bare, wet botty Veronica ? Photo 3. What a truly awesome scrummy bum Veronica ? My hubby fancies a shower already.

Photo 4. "Right you terrible twins, get your leggings and panties down and bend over the sofa", said strict, loving mommy Brenda waving her patented, lil' rattan switchy-stick. Tender, bare botties on show for a traditional mom and the "rod of correction"..." Oh my, you girlies gotten in big bad trouble already ! And Oh my, I do not care if the neighbours can hear. Not one lil' bit. Do you hear me now"

Hot pepper sauce on your naked botty Veronica ? Heat to the seat for this naughty cook (photo 5) as daddy takes a rubber spatula to her bare white backside, over his knee. If you can't stand the heat...she gotten out of the kitchen.

Thank you Veronica. Hugs, spanks and smiles. Have a good weekend.
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Tim . said...

The lil cuties will be otks botties high as their strict but fair mummies spank botties for naughtiness .

Anonymous said...

Naughty devil daddy will not be waiting for later to bend each of the little darlings over my knee, it will be skirts up and panties down over-the-knee spanking time instantly on sight of such naughty little teases!!! And that includes the two happy playtime naughty sweethearts with the painted on yoga pants too - those should come in bright red to match what their real fannies will look like after learning the meaning of what a good long hard over-the-knee bare bottom spanking is for being such happy teases!!!! Then naughty devil daddy will be happy cuddling them too! ND =;)