Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies.:)


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Fabulous start to the weekend Veronica. Such diverse and lovely cartoons today. Thank you missy :-)

Cartoon one: Did I miss this on Game of Thrones already, Veronica ?!
Even merciless barbarians of old knew that a good, bare bottom spanking is effective for naughty lil' brats...and totally harmless too ! Let us not forget that folks. Who needs weapons eh ?

And likewise, cartoon 2: no fairy-soft, pale, tender, princess botties were harmed in the making of this precocious lil' madam Veronica - super cute, super modern and super-strict too. Mommy-approved Veronica ! :-)

Go mommy Go ha-ha !...Oh my, Nooooo ! Jameeees down. Oucheeeees to bottieeeees :-(....third cartoon shows a scared, naughty lil' girlfriend who gotten high hopes for covering her tender bottom with a pillow (no way already Veronica !!)
It's so sad and naive Veronica. Mommy always exposes soft, fairest, sensitive skin on naughty backsides for her wooden with her two daughters (Oh dear, that was soooo my mommy of yore Veronica Boo-Hoo) all three will do the traditional bare-bottomed, spanky-dance in front of mom. You know how it goes Veronica.

And Sunday Funnies - Wow ! 10,000 smacks over her pretty cotton panties Veronica ? :-)
I would suggest just 50 smacks...but with her pink panties pulled down !! Bare botty. And sent to bed Veronica. Now that works !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Little Iodine has huge spanks from her Daddy ,the lil girl was doing what he said daddy your e mean ,best spanks V. and hello to Brenda from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
Big hugs and spanks.
Brenda xx