Sunday, June 25, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Oh brother... stop with the lecture

and start with the spanking! 

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Anonymous said...

We cannot see your bare bottom Veronica, but we will know when Papa-Tony's slipper starts to land, because you're expression is gonna change for sure missy, just like those naughty lil' princess brats over their mommies' knees in Saturday's cartoons. And oh my, your neighbours will hear the loud re-sounding smacks and know that kind justice is being metered out on the naughty lil' girl next door's bare bottom on a Sunday.
"you'll be laughing on the other side of your face young lady"...and other vintage lines already ! :-)

Veronica, do check out the fabulous new trailer on Strictmoor Academy's Spring Break Spankings, Scene Two. Oh my, just look at those two naughty lil' ones Veronica, standing in their vintage panties and vests awaiting punishment, botties trembling and legs quivering. So realistic Veronica - I always wore those wonderful, ol' fashioned, sensible, large, cotton white panties (and camisole/vests in winter) as a lil' girl in the 1960s oh my !! ...and had them pulled down for whippings too :-(

And just watch the girls put their hands on heads as Mrs Cooper takes hold of the waistband of those lovely panties. She says " you're gonna get a sound spanking over your bare bottom". We then see, from behind, those vintage white panties fall down , revealing a fairy-soft, whiter-than-white, round, chubby botty which is then soundly tanned over mom's knee with the hard hand of strict, loving guidance. So cute and scary Veronica. And so realistic already !!

This is a fantastic "baring" scene. Brings back memories for me. Mrs Cooper is my so mother Veronica, like back when she was in her 30s in our traditional home in Georgia the 1960s ! Oh my, with her religious zeal and strict family values for "not sparing the rod". This is exactly like my sister and I gotten spanked (hands on head, brief scolding), albeit mom used a rattan switch on or bare backsides and we naughty lil' daughters had the best, baddest, starkest tan lines and softest, porcelain-white botties in Georgia Veronica. Seriously !!

I would sooooo love to see you spanked by Mrs Cooper Veronica, (wearing those white panties and camisole vests) in this realistic 1950s fashion. Especially with a rattan switch Veronica, like sis and me gotten. Yummy. So swell ! Oh my, just imagine ! ;-) Truly Wonderful retro-film from Sarah Gregory
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx