Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday's Spankable...

Daddy grounded me from video games.. he'll never know.

Daddy's naughty schoolgirl.. xoxo

Baby's Got Back!!!

Smile daddy and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

High risk strategy for princess brat number one Veronica. Will she get daddy's strap across her bare behind ?
That Japanese girl Veronica. Have you gotten already, some finest, quality, thin, whippy rattan for her bare backside ? You are a strict mommy who takes no messing Veronica ! Out comes the cane, down come the panties !

I will leave that lovely, big, white, smiling ass - hello guys ! - to my hubby's bendy, hard-soled, summer sandal (photo 4)'s got back ! Far too similar to my own big, round butt Veronica...I am proud to say ;-)
Although with my tan lines, my bum is even whiter.
Have a good weekend Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Just love the weekend's little cutie naughty girly girls that so need to be taken over naughty devil daddy's knee for a good blushing bare bottom spanking for teasing with such cute fannies!!! Forgiving cuddling sitting their cute spanked fannies on daddy's knee afterward with caresses and other naughty kisses to follow of course, do have to maintain all of my naughty devil duties as required for a complete happy loving spanking on both sides of the knee! ND =;)