Thursday, June 15, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Across My Lap"

"COME HERE NOW" I shouted! "A good sound spanking across my lap is exactly what you need young man."

Revenge shall be all mine... :)

Bare bottom time... :)

"I hope you learned your lesson... XoXo!!!"


Anonymous said...

Oh my Veronica, how sexy. I was hoping to see Tony's lovely manhood in its excited state at the end of the sequence. Oh my, sorry, I am naughty already ! I need my bare white bottom tanned by you now Veronica ;-)
Naughty Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

If i heard you yell GET IN HERE NOW YOUNG MAN i would place my hand on my butt as walk over to you knowing iam good get good old fashion spankings Even know you found out what i did or i thought got away with smoking or other bad behavior know you got phone call about my bad behavior which made you very angry in my fantasy be you caught me smoking or found pack of cigarette then you very angry confort me since i know you forbid me to smoke and how smoking not allow around you or at your house

while iam standing before you my hands on my for now white pale butt plead with you not to punish me knowing real well not going help as iknow iam in for good spanking hard over your lap no matter what you take me over lap start spank me hard with hands then feel as you pull my shorts down to my bare butt feel cool air on my bad naughty butt then feel the hairbrush comming down hard and fast the spanking really hurt i plead cry kick legs yelling iam sorry ms veronica promise wont smoke any more please stop spanking me it hurt you turn deaf to my plead keep hairbrish comming down real hard scolding me saying my punishment wont be over and spanking not stopping to you feel i had enough you scold me as well telling me i naughty boy had this spanking comming for long time well desver too

Unknown said...

I just love it when you switch! sexy!....Thank you

Anonymous said...

These are great, seeing you holding that brush gives me shivers!

-Naughty in NY

Anonymous said...

Love it when you switch :o)

Dai Preston said...

Very Hot, Verontca! You have such nice legs!

Tim . said...

Us boys wait after Tony s spanking in a queue for our sound spanks from sis ,best spanks Tim ooo Brenda s helping too sounds of spanks .