Thursday, June 29, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Another Veronica Oldie"

Some photos I dug up from a long time ago. :)


Anonymous said...

Slipper to bare botty - just desserts for a naughty, lil' girl called Veronica who throws far too many tantrums in front of Papa Tony. But Ol' Papa Tony suffers no nonsense.

Strict, loving daddies know best Veronica. Strict, loving daddies will always raise your nightie to smack on a sensitive, pale, bare target, so you gotten the message loud and clear. No half-measures. No messing !

"Noooo please daddy. Not the slipper on my bare bottieeee. Noooo ! Not fair"
"Yes for sure young lady, it's the only way naughty lil' girls deserve it. And the only way you're gonna get it in this house, my girl. Very fair indeed Veronica !"
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

My dear Veronica, my you have so many Ghosts of Spankings Past! Well amusing naughty devils will always be more than happy to be your Ghosts of Spankings Present with many, many more Ghosts of Spankings Future to come!!! It's Merry Christmas Spankings in July time!!! ND=;)