Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Vintage spankings before the internet...


Anonymous said...

Vintage nostalgia Veronica- shivers of excitement and adrenaline ! :-)
Yes, for sure things are better today with your Blog Veronica, but we all (of a certain age, ha-ha) sure gotten those sharp pangs of enjoyment when we saw these magazines in the stores. Oh my !
I love the first photo. My hubby loves the second.

Mommy has had enough of the brat's attitude (photo one) and adjusts it in traditional style. I love this and I especially loved the ol' series of Debby and her strict mother by Nu West - it reminded me of my own spankings by my mom back in the days of black and white ! It also felt pioneering in the spanking world.

I gotten to College in the big city, in the 1970s, and escaped from my very strict, loving, traditional, upbringing in ol' fashioned Georgia in the 1960s (my mom did not "spare the rod" aka the rattan switch on my bare botty !) and I enjoyed new freedom to discover things like, boys hah-ha....and a new world of spanking. Oh my !!

These magazines and videos were revolutionary to me (and continuing through the 80s)...and to many readers I am sure. I am now well into my 50s and these photos and stories created a lasting positive impact. Great times Veronica - thank you ! :-)
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx

jimc said...

Like Brenda i did see these in the stores when they 1st came out and had a great collection of spanking magazines, but lost it all during a move when i had my collection in the trunk and it rained and trunk leaked i lost almost 30 years of collecting in one fell swoop. So thanks for bringing back the oldies as i do really remebr some of them. Have a great day.