Sunday, July 2, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(


Anonymous said...

All dressed up looking pretty getting your over-the-knee spanking already - before or after being naughty in church? Probably both or at least a naughty devil hopes so! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Spotty Botty Veronica - lovely

Oh my, Veronica. Check out new trailer on right now today. Spanking Scene 4 of Spring Break, Strictmoor Academy. Oh my ! What a trailer...

Mrs Cooper punishes her daughter Angela in the room. Incredibly realistic, domestic and nostalgic (for me at least Veronica !) Mommy's narration is so fantastic and captures the essence Veronica. Tension builds uniquely here.

So wonderful, uncanny and scary (Oh my!!) Mrs Cooper is so like my strict, religious mommy back in the 1960s !! These videos are sensational.
The baring scene is again so awesome - maroon panties pulled down to reveal the whitest-of-white, fairy-soft, chubby botties in the land....perfect and defenceless against mommy's stinging palm and hairbrush. Oh my, it is like watching my dear lil' sister gotten a whoopin' back in the day Veronica ! (Ok my mother actually used a rattan switch on our bare bums, but this is more than accurate !)

The baring scene is exactly how my mom did it to me and my sister, standing straight for waistband of panties pulled down to knees only (hands on head for us) ....then cool air on the sensitive, bare botty Gulp !!! Moms want a big impact here Veronica, at baring, prior to the actual spanking !

Strict, loving mommy, Mrs Cooper has all the 1960s cute, cringing lines already Veronica- She says "best lessons are learned over a bare bottom"
"Mommy please"says her daughter...
"You can beg all you want" says mommy puling down her panties "but it's what you deserve"
"Mommy it stings !" says Angela, crying, bare bottomed over mom's knee
"It's supposed to sting", says Mommy Cooper, "You are a bad girl"

One of the best ever mommy-daughter scenes Veronica. But for me a lil' too scary already...and so realistic. I have been spanked vicariously ! Rub, Rub :-( ha-ha !
Naughty Lil' Well- spanked Brenda xx