Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday's Spankable...

Celebrating the drop-seat...or onesie. :)

If you're a spanking enthusiast
I know for a fact that you
love drop-seat pajamas!

There's nothing sexier than
unsnapping that trap door
while your gal is over your lap.


Mike Pahula said...

Wonder if i walk around in my jean pull down showing bare butt would help me get spanking from sexy female she may do it thinking iam mooning her lol

i should by myself drop down pj or onises leaving butt part open where then again i end up over lap being spanked hard again female think mooning her

would you spank somebody if they moon you i have feeling you would be mad laugh then yank person over lap for good spanking am i right

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! :-)
That pretty, pinky-towelling trap door is perfectly designed for naughty girl number one, Veronica - she's gonna fear, then hear and then oh my...feel daddy's nasty, rubber-soled, hard, bendy slipper across her tender, bare backside in twenty seconds ! No rubbing or stingy botty dance allowed. Hold still for the duration my girl !

So love drop seat jammies Veronica - oh so fun but also very strict and serious. Designed for a traditional purpose. One of the earliest lessons my mommy taught me, early 1960s, was that when girls are naughty, they get sound spankings on their bottoms. And on "their bare bottoms only, young lady" !!! No kidding. Gulp ! My soft, cotton, 1950s jammies used to be pulled down back in those days, but drop-seat jammies imply that spankings need to be on our bare bottoms Veronica. Proof is in the design. A perfect design. No half-measures. No PC. No nonsense !! And oh my, such fun ! My hubby loves them naturally.

Love that fairy-soft, naughty, lily-white botty exposed for mommy's nasty hairbrush (Playboy bunny PJs, photos 8 & 9)....can you hear the smacks and cries as the sentence is carried out Veronica. And oh my, that final drop-seat item (softest, pinky Playboy bunnies) sees that last, round-bottomed naughty lil' missy gonna get a good bare-ass whoopin with mommy's finest- quality, whippy, Malacca-rattan cane ! That's the idea of Ol' fashioned punishment Veronica. No messing around here already !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!