Wednesday, July 12, 2017

More "GREAT" art..:)

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Anonymous said...

Sights and sounds of mommy-approved guidance and discipline Veronica.
What a super-hero mom eh Veronica ? After my own heart already.

She's giving, kind, ol' fashioned, special, mommy-approved skin treatment - lovingly applied to the fairest, sensitive backside of her bratty-lil'-princess-daughter ! Dropping the hornets nest on a naughty lil' bare, tender bottom !
Soooo cute and sooo strict Veronica. An awesome beautiful drawing. And so normal too

Oh my, our pesky girlfriends with cameras eh Veronica ? This is me across my mom's knee in 1965 ! Oh my !
Back then, I gotten to see my girlfriends receive bare bottomed spankings in their homes by their moms in our strict Atlanta suburb. Quite common. And it sure disturbed the peace and quiet Veronica ! It was a normal domestic event !

But in contrast, my strict, relgious mom believed in modesty and so "the rod" was applied in private in our house back in the 1960s. But Oh my, you sure gotten to hear it already coming from our house in summer - windows open and all - but you gotten not to see it ! (unfortunately ha-ha)

Our elderly, fellow-religious, neighbours (who we gotten to visit Church with every week) could sure hear my loud protests when a naughty lil' girl had to have a lil' pair of white cotton panties pulled down. And then they heard the twwippy-thwip-thwippy-twhip-thwip of the "rod" - the whippy, rattan switch across my bare botty ! (very characteristic sound on bare skin already Veronica)....and they sure heard me squeal like a naughty lil' thing as the hornets stung my fairy-soft, cotton-white backside ! And I had a lil' sister already - so the neighbours gotten to hear double the whuppin's over the years :-(

Oh my, the sight and sound of Ol' Georgia Veronica. Nothing has changed ha-ha ! And Texas the same ! What a fabulous picture
Strict Mommy Brenda (and Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda) xx