Thursday, July 13, 2017

Super Thursday Presents "Spanked To Smiles" :)

LOL! Yes, I know you all heard of "spanked to tears" but for some reason this particular spanking given to me over 10 years ago made me smile. Perhaps he didn't spank hard enough or perhaps I just enjoyed it WAY TOO MUCH!!!! :)


Mike Pahula said...

well nothing wrong with smiling awhile getting spanking maybe you smile cause wasnt punishment spanking you were getting iam bet you gotten million billons spanking over the years counting from last 10 years bet you been spanked every day of week every months all year round you end up over lap beng spanked hard you do have one of most beautiful smile if ask me i even bet during punushment spanking you are smile knowing deep down you enjoy it even so learning lesson you need behave like good girl

one thing i want point out is 10 years ago you were cute 10 years later you became more beautiful young lady. i sometime wonder all times i been to Austin Texas if i ever had actually seen you around or you had seen me everytime i go to Austin i look for you i for sure if do recongize you would walk up talk to you introdue myself to you maybe ask for spanking from you as well i know you would accept AND give me spanking right?

Anonymous said...

I've said before and I say again, I love your smile when you show it. It makes your pretty face light up and displays the pleasure being spanked gives you. Very nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yes, young lady ! As a naughty lil' one over father's knee who gotten her bare botty tanned for misbehaviour, you sure seem to be smiling too much. The swarm of bees raging against bare skin seem to have lost their anger !
I so love photo 3 Veronica - the camera catches the light, reflecting off your lily-white botty. And your lovely smile of course. You are so gorgeous Veronica.

Do check out new trailer, Scene 5 of Strictmoor on Angela gotten spanked by her mother in the class room. I recently said how unique and wonderful scene 4 is Veronica - Angela's sad face in the bedroom, amidst her mommy's scolding. And a truly sensational baring scenario (scene 4) that sends shivers down your spine, down to your quivering sensitive bottom Veronica ?! Sure brings back memories of my childhoods punishment in front of my stern, angry mom :-(

Also Sarah Gregory spanking (new trailer, Punishment in Detention) shows how she gotten a bare bottom whoopin from Miss Elizabeth. Boo-Hoo. Sarah's soft botty is a superlative target for domestic-style punishment. And Miss Elizabeth, like Mrs Cooper, so reminds me of those strict, Ol' fashioned, scary Southern mothers that I grew up with in Georgia the 1960s. Gulp ! Including my own mother most of all !

Veronica, my hubby and I imagine that you gotten soundly spanked on your bare bottom at home by the likes of these strict super-moms, like Mrs Cooper and Miss Elizabeth. Oh my !
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx