Thursday, July 6, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Wonder Woman"

Diana, the Princess of  Themyscira and daughter
of Queen Hippolyta had made the bold decision
to leave Paradise Island and become a superhero known as

Wonder Woman

She put on a costume which she designed herself and
was planning on sneaking away without consulting
her mother the Queen.

Her mother Queen Hyppolyta caught the
young Princess and decided to teach her a lesson
by taking her over-the-knee and spanking
her firm bare bottom!

Wonder Woman kicked and bawled
like a baby but after the spanking
was over her mother let her follow
her dreams of ridding the world from evil doers.

Every so often Wonder Woman thinks
back to the time her mother
gave her that spanking and
every so often she feels like
behaving just a little naughty.:)


Anonymous said...

This is *exactly* how the movie should have gone! :D

Love it...thanks for posting <3

Ms. Ash

jimc said...

Great finds. Thank you for sharing. Wonder Woman getting spanked by her mother has always been a great storyline and Princess Diana's costume is ohh so spankable. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Does it get any better than this Veronica ? Oh my Oh my !!
I so want that blue mosaic floor already in picture two Veronica ha-ha ! Sure is Paradise Island...

Oh my, I can relate to both mommy, Queen Hippolyta and naughty daughter, Princess Diana Veronica. So cute and so strict this one.
So love the way naughty Princess is playing with her pretty blue panties in the second picture. Revealing her fairy-soft seat of learning already !

And oh my, a certain naughty lil' Diana gotten her panties pulled down - Queen mommy Hippolyta is so cross - and a bad princess gotten her tender bare botty smacked good n hard in traditional mommy-approved style. What beautiful artistry Veronica.

And yes, for sure, that very last scene...don't we love those powerful retro-thoughts Veronica ? "Never too old young lady. Never too old !?"....

Like you Veronica, I was once a super-hero, cartoon character growing up (ok, back in the 1960s) I was a naughty lil' one, Princess Wonder Brat, ridding the Atlanta suburbs of all least until my mommy gotten exasperated, gotten very cross, and gave my bare botty a good whoopin with her switchy-stick and sent me to bed crying like a baby Boo-Hoo :-(

And at least our hubbies gotten to be there in recent times, to spank us when we are naughty, and far too high- maintenance naughty lil' brats !
Princess Wonder Brat Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Oh how naughty devil would love to be an evil doer to give and receive over the knee bare bottom blushing spankings when Wonder Woman is feeling naughty!!! Just love that Gal!!! ND =;)

smuccatelli said...

Just because she's a "Wonder" woman doesn't mean she can't be a naughty girl now and again. And her mother's STILL the Queen, no?