Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Veronica's Potpourri


Anonymous said...

Sushi good. Spankings good. All swell Veronica !
Count me in ;-)
Super-retro, super-strict, super-modern. Perfect.
Ol' fashioned Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Mike Pahula said...

this would make great movie dont you think sound like old kids story too about old mother who live in shoe who spank all kids before bed bet you would love be spanked by man who live in shoe so can get spank alot since you be naughty girl alot

tomorrow my birthday would love if you took me over lap for birthday spankin all 46 spanks can add more or double if wanted too but birthday spankin from sweet beautiful Mrs Veronica would be best birthday present ever only thing i want for my birthday is birthday spankin can never get one July 6th be my best birthday if spent it over your lap getting birthday spanking

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real interesting story lurks behind this "Tail" tale! DISH!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, just to say a big shout out to Mike and his fantastic tumblr Blog "Bad Girls and Bad Boys Get Spanked", which features constantly on your Blog list opposite.

It's awesome, essential viewing, with great narrative. Oh my, so strict Veronica. Reading it, I so feel like the naughty lil' daughter again back in Ol' Georgia - polite, well-mannered, strictly raised, soundly spanked, well hugged and loved big ! :-)
"Oh my, you are a bad girl Brenda, young lady" said mamma..."and you too Veronica. Get your shorts and panties down at once. You two sure gonna feel my switchy-stick across your bare backsides already"
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Naughty devil would know what to do, get a bigger shoe to have even more cute wives to spank and send to his bed!!! Incorrigibly Yours, ND =;)