Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Too cute for daddy to spank. :)

"Spank me... I've been very bad!"

"When my papi finds this pic he's going to freak out!!!"

"Can you even out my tan line?"

"Hi daddy, sorry I'm late."

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

You are sooooo right Veronica. She is far too cute for daddy to spank (cutey number one). So thank heavens that mommy is the disciplinarian Veronica ! I have gotten my switchy-cane already. In my view, her lil' soft botty is appropriately clothed already !!!! Perfect.
CP from me, not PC Veronica !
She can stay right there, but watch her expression change Veronica.

And oh my, cutey number two ! Great hair, eyes and lippy :-) Has she gotten the fairest- white, cotton-soft, chubby botty in the land Veronica ? I heard her strict, loving mom did not spare the rod. This naughty lil' madam gotten her panties pulled down and a mommy-approved "hornets nest" dropped on that special lily-white place "designed by God and Nature" for a good, hard spanking ! Sure gotten some new, searing tan lines on her whiter-than-white botty-land !

Photo 4 - now those are proper tan lines already Veronica eh ?! Ol' style Georgia tan lines. Almost vintage ! You do not see them so much these days ! I gotten those well-defined tan lines as a lil' princess growing up in strict times. And my hubby can verify that I am perfecting my tan lines and alabaster-white bum right now ! Selective sun-tanning with retro-swimsuits Veronica (plus my 1960s childhood spankings !)

Veronica - I would sooooo love to see you with some defined tan lines. Oh my !! ;-)
All that Austin, Texas sun and all. It's wasted UV rays Veronica ha-ha. And a bunch of 1960s smacked botties for you young lady !
Have a good hubby will deal with the other missies here. They will feel a good bare-ass whuppin' with his strap or slipper - trademark stuff from him !
Hi Tim - have a good weekend ! :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

"Can you even out my tan line?" HA!

Anonymous said...

That first young lady is indeed too cute for Daddy to spank!

Good thing Mommy's here... ;)

And you're next, Veronica <3

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Ash

Tim . said...
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