Thursday, April 5, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Bare Bottom... Not Always"

I'm sure by now you all must know just how naughty I can become when I want to. One thing you may not know is that a good amount of my everyday spankings are not on my bare bottom. Sometimes Tony will just pull me across his lap for a lengthy lesson and never bare my bottom or even flip up my skirt. With that said, most of my "on camera" spankings are bare bottom and most of my spankings posted on this blog will have my bottom on full display for the world...:) This next photo-set which is from my older archives was a 30 minute hand-spanking on my clothed bum. The spanking was hard and even left me bruised for a few days so trust me when I say that you can give an effective spanking without baring the bottom, but don't worry I won't make it a habit of not showing my bare bum to you...XoXo


Anonymous said...

This post it´s a completly new level of evil Naughtiness xD, but we love your butt anyways. hope Tony keeps it very red for the sunday post <3

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous in those first three photos - a naughty girl waiting to get her bottom smacked !
So lovely to hear about your spanking facts as always, Veronica.

Yes, I guess we all love a variety of spanking scenarios.
My hubby sure enjoys "a broad Church" of situations, including spanking over clothes and pretty panties.
Me myself, I like the domestic CP scenarios reflecting my strict childhood experiences (fact rather than fiction. Oh my !)

Unfortunately whoopings from my mother with the cane ("the switch") in my childhood were always on my bare botty :-(
That was the punishment. Sure licked me into shape already Veronica ! You will be pleased to hear that yours truly and my softest, lily-white backside have fully recovered over the decades ha-ha ! But yes, hubby and me love all your spankings Veronica.

Back to those first few photos of you here. You are just my naughty lil' daughter. And so as a strict, loving mom I'd have you put your hands on your head young lady. I would slip my hands under your black skirt and pull your pretty cotton panties down to your knees. Bend you over tat lovely cream leather sofa. Flip up your black cotton skirt and skelp the tender skin on your fairest botty good n proper with my rattan switch.
Red as a water melon ? That will teach you. Don't spare the rod. And exactly as I gotten raised in Georgia in the 1960s ! It's harmless, traditional, maternal discipline, Veronica. And you so deserve it, my girl !
Strict Mom Brenda xx

jimc said...

always love to see you otk i love your expressions and otk positioning. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

damn you guys are so sexy!! Carry on spanking! X