Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poll results: Should a spanking be....

Outer garment first, then over panties and then bare-bottom? 39% said yes. I also prefer this way because it intensifies the spanking as it gets harder and begins to sting more. I enjoy the build up.

37% said panties first then bare-bottom. so they bypass the outer garment.

20% went straight for the bare-bottom. Gotta love the no-nonsense spankers!

2% undies only and 1% (I love you guys) voted outer garment only. Thanks for all the votes. I'll post a new poll soon. Happy spanking!


Anonymous said...

You're a stunning woman with a very sexy fantasy life. Keep it up.

romanbronze said...

Just wanted to say Hi and congratulate you on your great blog.
My patrner can sympathise with your point of view and the occasional predicaments you find yourself in.
Lots of humour and insight.
I envy your friends!!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks, keep up the comments and input.

Anonymous said...

I missed the poll. but I, too, love the anticipation of getting spanked through layers. The process of baring my butt as it gets hotter, as I get hotter, makes me squirm all the more when we finally get to the finale of my nude tush over his knee receiving the hard hand. You're choosing great topics; you're accompanying them with stunningly hot pics. Love ya!
Jean Marie

OldFashionGirl said...

Why thank you Jean Marie. I'm glad your'e enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

The term old-fashioned is often misunderstood. Simply must begin over clothes and work its way to bare (slowly, very slowly)

Good luck with your blog,


Njspank said...

Just doing some browsing back, good lord nice clothing then panty for a long time, then your wonderful bare bottom to finish.

Anonymous said...

It depends veronica :-)
Oh my, impossible questions already ha-ha
Hubby and I like variety and a "broad Church" of spanking adventures ha-ha

We have sexy spankings, done naked or with nice uniforms and my pretty panties. A sequential spanking over different layers. My hubby likes schoolgirl and sorority themes Veronica (don't we all ha-ha) So my girly-school uniform is his favourite !

My hubby uses his slipper and strap on me (yummy !) and of course I have the famous, flexible, thin, rattan, switch, like my mother used on my bare bottom (and my sister's) when raising us way back in the 1960s/70s. Oh my !!! My hubby is from north west Veronica, and was not strictly raised. My mother welcomed him into our strict, Southern spanking family decades ago. Oh my, how embarassing Veronica. Actually, it is not embarassing, just part of life isn't it ?!

As you know Veronica, realistic mother/daughter scenarios are very special to me. It is my favourite spanking genre and has deep meaning. My strict Southern upbringing in the 1960s and seeing my younger sister spanked (bare bottom switchings) within our traditional, family values, definitely forged my spanking interests later on in life. It was in my blood from an early age Veronica

When my Hubby plays the role of my mommy :-) and gives me a mother/daughter spanking ha-ha. OK Veronica, father daughter, I do like exact details Veronica: re-enacting my punishment routine and my lil' sister's punishment routine from our house in Atlanta suburbs in 1960s.

Mommy made us stand by the sofa in the living room. Mommy was real mad and fetched the rattan cane (the switch) from the downstairs cupboard. Gulp !
Obviously, after brief scolding, mommy used to immediately pull our panties down to expose the sensitive skin on our naughty backsides right at the start. No messing !!

Our shorts and panties went to our knees and we had our hands on our heads. But panties never gotten taken off. We never gotten spanked naked Veronica. Mom said it was unecessary and humiliating. Baring our bottoms was essential every time for safe, logical punishment (and mom's religious approach)...and so that we would feel it more with botties bare ( a lot more !!!) And panties around knees gave just the right amount of humbling for we naughty girls.

Hubby has gotten these details exactly correct in role play Veronica. He knows the process ! ha-ha. We bent over the sofa. And mom whipped that sensitive, lily-white skin good and proper with the switch to build the "hornets nest". She used multiple flicks of the wrist. No bruising. Just well-burnt, reddened botties with love from mom !!! Or as I now say Veronica, "mommy-approved !"

She did not count the strokes. I so remember that thwippy-swishy-thwack-smack sound on our bare botties Veronica ! And our loud screaming ! Oh my. Mom ignored it and kept whuppin' !
Mommy spanked with love and religious conviction Veronica. Very Southern ! Very Ol' fashioned...."the rod of correction" and all. But it was harmless. A stinging bottom is harmless for sure , but on my, with mom's switchy-stick, we sure gotten a ferocious sting on an unprotected botty of a tender, ten-year- old, naughty daughter ! :-(

After the switching (hands on head again, crying !) Mother always pulled up our traditional, white, cotton panties back over our red-skinned bums (those 1950s, large, unfashionable, conservative, very sensible underpanties from the store for well-mannered, proper lil' madams Veronica) And she pulled up our shorts or smartened down our pretty dresses too.

And then sent us to our room, or occasionally we helped mom with home-making.
Bare bottom spankings were harsh but conventional. Just a normal, important and healthy part of life for two happy daughters back then !
So for hubby and me, lots of variety. He likes fantasy and I like reality. Especially my real-life experiences growing up in the good Ol' days, 25 years before PC !
Naughty Lil' Brenda and Hubby xx