Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear diary,

Today Papa spanked me for telling a lie. I told him I was at school but instead I went to Tommy's house. All we did was talk but as you know Papa is a strict man from the old country. Until next time. Veronica

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Anonymous said...

You sure gotten what you deserved Veronica. Lying is not tolerated young lady ! Respect to your strict Papa.

I do not lie Veronica. My mother taught me not to lie. If I lied as a lil' girl I gotten sent to my room with a stinging bottom !
I often gotten spanked for feisty attitude and all, but not for lying. My younger sister had a problem with lying. My mother sorted it. My sister does not lie now !

Veronica, if you had stood outside my house in suburban Georgia in the 1960s after my sister had lied, you would have heard (windows open in the summer) the harsh smack of a thin, flexible, rattan cane on the soft, sensitive skin of a naughty lil' girl's bare backside. My sister would be loudly wailing how sorry she was. Mom never "spared the rod" and would scold her with her Christian values about lying in front of God. And my sister would be sent to her room to continue wailing.

You would hear it for sure Veronica. The elderly couple, our neighbours, heard it for sure. And I saw sister getting her bare botty whipped by mommy countless times over the 1960s/70s. Sister learned not to lie as a grown up Veronica !

We both gotten lots of switchings aplenty over the years. Always with our pale, chubby bottoms bared. Quite right too. My sister and I are in our late 50s and my mom is in her 80s. Bare bottom spankings (switchings !!) sure worked for we girls back then Veronica !
Good Honest Brenda xx