Monday, March 9, 2009

Anatomy of a BRAT!

A relatively recent development in the spanking community, a brat is a woman who suggests she is ripe for a submissive sexual encounter, but diliberately and flagrantly torment prospective doms. Brats often dress like young girls, sport Catholic school uniforms or dress like Bratz dolls.

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Anonymous said...

Hard muscles, fairy-soft pale, chubby botties and tan-lines !! ... and mom's hair brush ! Anatomy of a brat.

Veronica, when a strict mommy or daddy says that your bottom will be unclothed for a bath and unclothed for a spanking ! Gulp ! Then the hardest of high maintenance bratz will be quaking in our shiny, designer Chooooooos. No chocolate, no treats or sparkly pressies...just a traditional bare bottom spanking and sent to bed at once !

It was in the early 1960s that I first discovered that the super-soft, impossibly tender, fairest- white skin on my botty would be where I suffered if I was naughty and made mommy cross. The extremely sensitive and alabaster-white surface would be exposed (minus panties) over mom's knee for a ferociously stingy spanking with the wooden spoon or wooden hairbrush. Mother often quoted that saying above Veronica, about bath times and unclothed bottoms.

I do not recall the word "brat" Veronica from the 1960s. My diary had notes, scribbles and drawings on our wonderful time growing up....and smacked bottoms from mom Boo-Hoo ! Her strong family values and Christian faith meant "God and nature had provided our bottoms for maternal punishment" Veronica ! Bratz be aware !

My sister and I sure had restricted freedoms. We gotten a strict, traditional 1950s domestic life. We wore conservative clothes. And we had fabulous tan lines because of those conservative, Ol' fashioned, full-bottomed, two-piece, 1950s swim suits. Remember those Veronica ? We were naturally very fair- skinned lil' girls, but gotten as brown as berries in the Georgia sun. But there was one place which never saw the sun, and remained softer and whiter than the Georgia cotton plants Veronica ha-ha ! ....and exposed by mom for a good switching young lady !!!!

Oh my, we lil' Southern princesses mostly had classic tan lines when I was growing up ! :-)
We wore canary yellow and pastel blue dresses, cute shorts and those giant white cotton underpanties ! Yuk ! And in 1950s style, it was a strict, kind mother's duty to pull those white panties down when we needed our bare, white backsides whooped !! It still is a mother's duty today Veronica !!

So my sister and I did not become brats Veronica. Mom found us hard to manage in those long hot Georgia summers, so from age 8 (Gulp !!!) she introduced a flexible, rattan switch to punish us with - especially designed for stinging on naughty (bare !!!!) princess botties too Veronica :-( Oh my !

Dad was away on business and so "the rod of correction" lived in the cupboard". Mom showed the other moms one coffee morning. Oh my ! It was scary because mom always bared our bottoms so the switch would sting to high Heaven Veronica. Bratz need to fear the cane...and feel it too. Bare botties ensured we sure did fear and feel it Veronica ! Sure thing. Harsh but fair, proper smacked bottoms from our mother back then !

Mother is now in her 80s and knows she did the right thing. Spanking is part of grwing up in the South Veronica. We happy successful daughters tell mom she raised us good and proper (Oh my, Oucheees to botties at the time though Veronica) We were good, lil' Southern girls. Sadly, I am now a naughty brat (making up for those lost princess years !!) and so my hubby smacks my bare hiney when I deserve it. Quite often ! Same for you Veronica !

Naughty daughter, Strict Ol' fashioned Mom and Naughty Brat Brenda xx