Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let my butt do the talking.

I saw these panties on-line and had to buy them. I'm not crazy about the way they fit. A bit baggy even in my size but they still are cute.


Dr. Ken said...

it's nice to see that you come with directions. LOL

Dr. Ken

OldFashionGirl said...

and batteries not included, Lol!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, is..."it wasn't my panties that misbehaved" to long a message? :-)

Before mommy administers the "botty smacker" - a thin, whippy, stingy rattan switch - you will place your hands on your head while mommy pulls your panties down to your knees. Oh yes, young lady,Oucheeeees to botties is the only way ! A spot of tickle tail, Southern style, I'm afraid!

And after the whuppin' mommy will pull your panties back up over your stinging, red behind, and pull up your cute, lil' shorts too. You will be crying like a baby and I will send you too your bedroom. Is that clear lil' missy ?

Veronica, back in the 1960s, my very strict mother believed that formality was an important part of both the strict and the loving aspect of spanking. Pulling my panties down was a crucial disciplinary process in its own right...and then pulling them back up again after the switchin' emphasised that mommy was in control, and that the harsh punishment was over.

My mother never took my panties off (or other clothes) because it was unnecessary. She just raised my dress and pulled down my panties to expose the fair, sensitive skin in a formal, but sternly appropriate manner. Loving, caring spankings were still harsh on the bare bum in those days Veronica. Oh my, the switch stung like crazy !

My mom's very strict attitude scared my lil' girly friends, although in fairness they (mostly) all got their tender botties bared and smacked in general. That was Georgia in the 1960s/70s, Oh my !

And we lil' girlies talked about our spankings in detail and shared experiences...and we still do !!
This is simply part and parcel of being raised in that era, prior to PC. Kindred spirits eh ? So Veronica, I sorry to have to tan your bare behind with a lil' cane - but it's the only solution I know. So what exactly is the Naughty Step ?
Strict Mama Brenda xx