Sunday, April 19, 2009

Public Notice


Anonymous said...

Hey Old Fashion,
I'm a female spanko who loves being placed OTK.
Love your website!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thank you so much. xxxooo.

Anonymous said...

Texas State spankings...and Georgia too ! :-)

Veronica, when I was very naughty as a lil' girl growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, I feared and felt the harsh smack of a whippy, thin rattan switch across the sensitive bare skin of my pale botty. It was a strict upbringing and my mommy believed in firm discipline - to keep an ordered household, especially when my father was away. She was absolutely right Veronica - tough love. And a stinging bottom is harmless.

I remember ( and recorded in my diary entries) that spanking, and bare- bottomed spanking in particular, was common among my princess friends and the wider community. Paddles were clearly displayed in the stores Veronica - "little deer/ bear behind" variety. So, I naturally thought that the State of Georgia was sanctioning my whuppin's, and advocating a strict loving approach for my mommy to carry out in the privacy of our home. This is probably true Veronica ha-ha !

Moms always talked about naughty daughters and smacked bottoms, in the mall, park and coffee mornings; much like the conversation today features real estate and the economy !

My mommy was older than other moms and had some very cute, ol' fashioned phrases to underline her stern but loving authority. " Botties on show for bath times and spankings" was one my sister and I learned from an earliest age. It was rather chilling ! And our comics often featured smackings (shown on your fab blog) albeit on clothed backsides for conservative protocol.

Having my white botty bared for a whuppin' with mom's lil' switch was normal for me as a naughty ten year old brat. It happened many times. Mom was uncompromising. And when I was at College much later, I was excited to see concepts like the " panties up or down debate" in spanking magazines :-)
Oh my, there was no debate in our house the 60s/70s Veronica - even for a nasty, whippy rattan switch !

It's so funny Veronica, the abundance of hairbrushes, paddles, straps, switches, and wooden spoons used on the tender bare behinds of naughty daughters was endorsed by Authorities ! You were raised ten years later than me Veronica, so you'll be familiar with my Southern experiences

My memory is great, but more historical facts are always compelling. :-)
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx