Saturday, May 2, 2009

The female bottom.

Lets face it, the female bottom was designed for spanking. A round, smooth soft fleshy part of the anatomy that when place over-the-knee becomes the perfect target.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. I actually feel sorry for you when your husband decides to use the brush, as in this photo, or other implements to administer a more severe spanking. I hope it wasn't too hard this time.

So, I hope it's okay to keep asking questions?

--When you are in trouble, do you know before your spanking begins what will happen? For instance, do you know that you'll get spanked with the belt, or that you'll have your panties pulled down before it's over, or that you'll receive a certain number of swats?

--Do you cry when you're spanked? And if so, will that get you out of trouble sooner, or will your husband continue a necessary spanking even if you're crying?

--In today's posts, I see you have both yellow and black panties. Guessing, I'd say they're both cotton. Are there panties you prefer to be wearing if you are to be spanked? Are there panties your husband prefers? (I had a girlfriend whose parents did not allow her to wear anything other than cotton, and since I preferred white, she wore white cotton most of the on the very rare occasions when she got spanked at home, I could easily imagine what she looked like getting her bottom reddened!)

Once again, your site is great. Looking forward to how your weekend goes...


OldFashionGirl said...

Hi Michael, when I'm in trouble my husband will put a straight back chair in the middle of the kitchen and tell me to sit. He'll then start by giving me a firm lecture but never yelling or talking down. I'm then ordered over his lap and spanked. First over clothing and then undies and eventually bare bottom. 90% of the time he uses his hand but at times he'll use a hairbrush, strap or small paddle. Spanking brings me to tears but to be honest I rarely cry. Most of the time I'm too turned on to cry. My spankings are not at all brutal. He'll stop when my bottom turns a shade of red. As far as panties we both prefer satin french cut undies. He thinks they're sexy and I like the comfort. I do wear thongs from time to time and I also wear nothing at times. I hope this answers most of your questions. Wow I'm pooped. Lol!

JHThree said...

Hi Veronica,

I was one of your MySpace "friends" and I guess your profile there was deleted. I am glad to have found your blog and am enjoying looking thru it.

As for what you say about the female bottom, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Take care - JH

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks JH, glad you found me.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Veronica. Botties on show for bath times and spanking times, as my mom used to (scarily say) when I was a very lil' girl. Gulp !

Yes, Veronica, the soft, abundant surface area - today and yesterday ! :-) for ever.

From my earliest memories, my "botty" was always a place for punishment when I was naughty. And specifically my "bare botty". I was aware from the earliest age, that the softest, fairest-white and sensitive skin was to be found on my backside !! Boo-Hoo. My mother was aware too and so it was only appropriate that my lil' panties were pulled down so that a lesson could be administered to that tender, unprotected surface. Hubby knows likewise today Veronica!! Hahaha:-)

Mommy said my soft skinned chubby botty was provided by"God and Nature" for punishment by strict loving mommies. Early on it was a hard hand or mommy's hairbrush stinging my bare behind over her knee (same for my lil' sister's tender bare bum) but when I was eight mom bought the dreaded, lil', whippy rattan switch. I then had to bend my tender, bare rear-end over the couch for a whuppin'! It was really harsh for a sensitive bottomed princess like me Veronica !! Oucheeeees. But this was the 1960s !! And mom did not think it harsh. Just normal and appropriate for naughty daughters! Oh my !!

Mommy used very cute, cringing, ol' fashioned phrases and punishment speak which I've always found exciting. The word "botty" came from my stern Grandma from Uk. It was used when mt mother was raised in 1930s/40s. Oh my, I love the word botty Veronica - it reminds me of being a bratty lil' ten year old princess getting a whuppin' on a bare bottom from mommas switchy stick !!

No PC back then. No disapproving moms Veronica. In fact, moms supported bare bottom discipline for naughty brats. I recall mommies discussing domestic discipline at coffee mornings. My sister and I and some girlfriends always tried to eavesdrop and tune in Veronica!

Yes Veronica, when I was older I appreciated that my bottom (in its naked state) provided a sensible place to teach me a lesson. Poor mommy, why should she not pull my panties down?!.

In fairness the rattan nursery cane was safe on bare skin. And extremely stingy ! A proper smacked botty was guaranteed with panties pulled down. No wishy washy half measures. Strict and loving, humbling and suitably ol' fashioned Veronica!!
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx