Saturday, May 2, 2009

How would you handle this naughty girl?


Anonymous said...

A lot depends on what she's done to merit punishment; however, Veronica seems to get in trouble often enough that I suspect she deserves a fairly sore bottom. So, though making her lay over the pillows on the bed to receive the belt on her bare rear end would probably make the most sense here, I favor over-the-knee spankings most of the time, and a good belt spanking is hard to administer if she's bent over that way. So, the stick (which I've learned is pretty common--and effective--among my Chinese friends) or the paddle will give her something to cry about. I've also learned that additional punishments like the ice cube, corner time, or having panties taken away are also good reminders that she needs to behave herself if she doesn't want another trip over the knees.

Anonymous said...

well women are naturally misbehaving creatured so to me a woman needs to be spanked at least twise a week maybe even more to remind her to behave, otk is the best way and if the occation calls for it then the paddle or the hairbrush

OldFashionGirl said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, as your strict loving mommy, standing over you with the "bottysmacker" you are pleading for your panties not to be pulled down. Sadly, your pleas must be ignored and you must feel the lil' rattan switch stinging on the bare. Otherwise it's not a proper smacked bottom.

These were the exact sentiments of my strict mother back in Georgia in the 1960s Veronica. From the earliest age, my sister and I were reminded that a spanking was punishment and so a bare botty was only fair and appropriate. A whuppin' was supposed to sting and so applying the hairbrush or thin switch over clothes was illogical. It just didn't happen Veronica Gulp ! The switch was designed (and purchased !!) for our tender bare bottoms - at least through the strict eyes of my ol' fashioned mother, Veronica! That's how she received it from Grandma in the 1930s/40s. And Grandma was also often around to advocate bare bottom switchin's for me and sister when we were growing up ! Harsh times Veronica!

More importantly, bare skin allowed for utmost safety too. From my upbringing decades ago - a stinging behind is harmless Veronica. My mom was an expert bottom smacker ( something to be proud of in the 1960s strict Southern suburbs !!) and so multiple light flicks of the switch on fair sensitive- skinned botties (minus any protective coverings)caused an intense surface sting, without bruising or inappropriate excessive marks. As a spanking was intended to be !
And Loving discipline was as important as strict discipline - in fact, even more so Veronica (and that's why I've never resented my stern upbringing, despite modern PC since)

As a naughty lil' one, I hated having my panties pulled down. And that's exactly why mommy was correct to pull them down every time Veronica. I needed to learn a hard lesson.

Oh my, with our soft botties bare for mom's nasty but harmless punishment, lil' sister and I feared spankings, and so would generally behave! Again, important for household structure Veronica.

Panties down was also humbling and it showed mommy meant business. Oh my, she sure did !
So yes Veronica, in my bedroom my strict mother would always pull down my jammies ( bathing suit, shorts and panties) so that my naughty white botty was appropriately exposed for the lil' nursery cane ( switch) and so yes, I am also going to pull your panties down I'm afraid Yong lady - its the only way naughty lil' girls deserve a spanking Veronica! And it's the only way I ever got it from mom !...and hubby too of course ! :-)
Strict Mama Brenda xx