Monday, May 4, 2009

My Uncle Joe

For me to explain this next photo series I need to tell the story behind it all from the very beginning. My Uncle Joe is my moms oldest brother. He is a large burly man who works as a rancher in central Texas. Uncle Joe's wife died young and he never re-married or had any children of his own. Uncle Joe was the oldest of six brothers and sisters and many in my family considered him the "man in charge". I never knew my father and as an only child I was quite spoiled and very sassy. Mom's idea of discipline consisted of senseless yelling. It was Thanksgiving and I was thirteen. The entire family met at my Aunt Rita's house. Aunt Rita was the oldest of the girls. All my uncles, aunts and cousins to include family friends all showed up for turkey and all the usual trimmings. Uncle Joe was also present. I arrived mad because mom made me wear a floral dress and I wanted to wear my mini with fishnets. (It was the early eighties people.)As I hung out with several of my boy cousins ranging in ages thirteen to nineteen I remember having a huge crush on one of them. He was sixteen. I wanted to impress him and show him how grown up and cool I was. This prompted me to take one of my relatives cigarettes and smoke it. I never inhaled and could only imagine how foolish I looked. At dinner we all gathered to eat when mom stated that I reaked of cigarette smoke. It was then when my cousin tattled. Mom began scolding me in front of everyone. I had to save face so I told her to "FUCK OFF"! All eyes where on me and I could hear everyone's disaproval with my behavior. At that point my Uncle Joe stood up and told my mom that he'll handle my behavioral problem in private. He grabbed my arm firmly and led me into the living room which was next to the dining room. My Uncle is over six feet tall and about 300 lbs, I on the other hand was five feet at the time and weighed 100 lbs.
Since the living room was right next door with no doors I didn't consider it to be very private but then again I thought my uncle was only going to have a firm talk with me about my behavior. I was dead wrong! He sat down and before I knew what had happened I was staring at the floor. OMIGOSH! I was over his knee! This meant that I was going to get a SPANKING!!! At thirteen and with over twenty family members and friends and my cute cousin, the one I have a crush on! All this was going through my mind. I also need to add that prior to that point I was never spanked. Like many of you, I too always had a fascination with spanking from a young age. I loved watching the old cartoons that had spanking scenes etc. My floral dress was lifted and I turned beet red. As I looked around my entire family convened in the living room. A spanking was about to take place and no one would miss the action. I cried for my mother but she shook her head and was the only person to leave the room. Though Uncle Joe did not bare my ass my panty-clad bottom was exposed! All this faded when I felt the rain of smacks on my rear. My ass was on fire and in rapid sucsession all hell was being unleashed on my bottom. After the spanking I ran into my aunt's room, cried and would not come out. Everyone went about their own bussiness and ate turkey. At the age of seventeen my Uncle Joe whom I had no hard feeling's for the spanking he gave me at thirteen gave me a summer job on his ranch. I also stayed at his home that summer. One day I was in the basement and bored. I started looking for movies to watch on the vcr (It's still the eighties people) when I stumbled on some Nu-West and California Star videos. Hey they're SPANKING videos! I also found SPANKING mags! "Spank Hard" I believe. It was then that I realized that my uncle had a spanking fetish. I watched the movies and was amazed at what I saw. Adult women getting spanking's. It was kind of weird and sexy at the same time. I put everything back and left it alone for the rest of my stay. Years later I mentioned all this to my husband Anthony. I told him about my trip over my uncle's knee for a very public yet private spanking. I told him about my uncle's spanking collection and how he too has a spanking fetish. All Anthony could think about was spanking me in front of Uncle Joe. He enjoys spanking just as much as we do but he's my uncle and it didn't feel right. Anthony swears up and down that Uncle Joe spanked me that Thanksgiving when I was thirteen for pleasure. This I do not believe, as an adult thinking back to that day I should of had my bare ass blistered for the way I treated my poor mother. Uncle Joe chose to keep my panties on and spare me the embarrassment. He could of easily bared my ass and no one would think twice. I didn't entertain my husbands thoughts, as much as I love to be spanked this is my uncle and he's now seventy. Several months past and I needed a huge favor from Anthony. I told him I would do anything and he brought up the idea once again of spanking me in front of Uncle Joe. I gave in under the condition that it would not be on my bare butt. He agreed and schemed up a plan. We live in Austin and Uncle Joe's ranch is about two hours south west. He has visited on several occasions and loves coming over for supper. It was a hot Sunday evening in August. I made sure I wore shorts and a tee. Uncle Joe is not one for dressing up and I wanted to be comfortable. Anthony started setting up the camera on a tripod and I said no, it will be too obvious. He then reminded me that Uncle Joe is seventy and will not realize what the camera is for. He stuck discretely in the corner and it really wasn't obvious so I left it alone. Hours later Uncle Joe and Anthony sat at the kitchen table while I cooked a pot roast. I filled up a pot with cold water (this is all part of the plan) and purposley dropped it spilling water on my feet. I started to swear like a sailor and Anthony told me to watch my mouth. I told him "FUCK OFF" and took off my wet socks and threw them at him. Anthony stood up and looked at Uncle Joe. He asked my uncle if he would be offended if he spanked me. Uncle Joe's eyes widened and he gave Anthony the okay. Anthony put a straight back chair in the middle of the kitchen and grabbed my arm and began spanking me. I wasn't sure if my Uncle Joe got off at watching his niece get spanked but I knew Anthony was enjoying himself. I could feel his buldge on my belly. Anthony did keep his word and only pulled down my shorts briefly to spank me on my panties but he did not bare my butt. That would of been to obvious and disrespectful to have my mothers brother look at his niece's bare ass. After the spanking I apologized to my uncle for my behavior and whispered in his ear that his spanking hurt a lot more. My uncle laughed and we had a wonderful evening. Here are some of the pics from that night. It was a long story but it had to be told from the begining to fully grasp it all. I hope you all enjoy them as much as my husband and even perphaps my dear uncle did.


Anonymous said...

That was not only a great photo set but also a fantastic memory! I'll refrain from asking any questions (since you just put in some SERIOUS writing time), but I will note that this idea was brilliant--obviously, your uncle would agree. I can well imagine the absolute electrical charge that must have gone through him to realize what he was about to witness. And as always, I love the photos. You are simply beautiful, even when you're dressed "casually."


OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Michael, that's a nice compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...


This one of the hottest of your series' (although it is difficult to pick one over the other as they're all really good.
You sure do make those white shorts look good.

If you don't think it out of line, may I request:
I'd love to see a pre-quel of one of your sessions, while you wait for your spanker, perhaps draped face down over the seat of that chair, thinking about what is to come.

Thanks again for your great blog,

OldFashionGirl said...

Sounds like a good idea Max. I'll try to post some pre-spanking pics.

Anonymous said...

Tnaks OFG,

You're the Best!


Angie said...

omgosh! My face is red just thinking about my Husband doing something like that!

Great post as always.

Anonymous said...

You should have worn a sun dress.

It would have been as cool.

It would have been easy to lift it, or even have it drift up as you were spanked.

Uncle could have seen as much and it might have made him less embarrassed (or even you).

It was also how the uncle did it and could have been more realistic.