Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toasted buns


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I love those shorts!No panties, I gather? If you know you're going to get a spanking, are you more inclined to go that day without panties, or make a point of wearing them to cushion some of the early swats? :)


Royce said...

Definitely a lovely bottom! The position and the pose are perfect - but the bare bottom is wonderful!

Thanks for sharing! I'll add you to my list!

OldFashionGirl said...

I don't wear panties all the time. Sometimes I feel more comfortable that way. Wink!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Royce.

Anonymous said...

Lush Veronica...naughty lil' missy across papa's knee. Oh my, the first three photos are so delicious and realistic. We Southern girlies love our Daisy Dukes xx

My lil' sister and I were usually in cutey shorts throughout the long Georgia summers Veronica. We often played havoc and mom would get furious. But oh my, she knew how to deal with us.

Mommy found the two of us a handful, but we were usually well behaved thanks to her ever-so strict Ol' fashioned spankings. Mommy meant business and took no prisoners. No messing from her. She was sternly no nonsense, before that term had been invented! We forget that severe Southern domestic spanking culture of my era of the 1969s/early 70s Veronica

Her firm hand and hairbrush soon gave way to the dreaded switch Veronica - an ultra-thin, whippy, little rattan cane. We were bent over the sofa arm for a proper, smacked bottom. But mother always took time to pull down our cutey, denim shorts and white cotton panties, leaving our chubby, tender snow -white botties totally bare. The sting on a bare surface was ferocious but I must stress absolutely safe. In fairness to mom, switchin' through protective denim and cotton panties made no sense. The soft, sensitive skin on our lil' white, backsides was there to be exposed and duly tanned by a cross but caring mother Veronica ! It's the only way to do it.

And yes, A ten year old bratty lil Brenda and lil sister would be sent to our rooms with a hornets nest on our soft, backsides. Momma's medicine was effective and fair justice...and kept the peace over the years ! Oucheeeees !
Brenda xx