Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why I enjoy spanking

Folks enjoy spanking for different reasons. For me it is the act of being overpowered by a strong man. A man I love and trust and who takes good care of me. The embarrassment aspect of spanking is also a huge turn-on for me. Here I am a grown woman ass up over-the-knee with my bare bum fully exposed. With the embarrassment of spanking also comes the idea that someone might be watching regardless of them being vanilla or spanko. Those are but a few psychological reasons for my enjoyment of spanking. Now the sexual! Pain, though I'm not a huge fan of heavy implements the burning sensation to my buttocks sends shivers down my spine. A masculine hand on my tender ass is heavenly. Rhythmic slaps to my bottom has a vibrator affect and has put me into orgasm on several occasions. Also the cool breeze on my bare sore bottom feels sooo good. I know there's a lot of readers out there so share with me what you love about spanking....Don't be shy.


Angie said...

shiver! is there Anything better then a hand on your bare bottom, after they have spanked your panties first, and then pulled them down and you can feel the air on your hot little fanny, and then they spank you some more?

so happy you guys do this,


PhilK said...

And we're happy that we do it, and that you love us doing it, Angie. Long may your bottom blush!