Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My brother came over to visit with his wife. They drove in from California and I haven't seen them in some time. For some reason when I get together with my brother I revert back to my teen years. I do a lot of cursing around him for some reason. I know my husband hates it when I curse and after several stern warnings I knew I was in for a spanking when the opportunity presented itself. My brother and his wife decided to go outside for a stroll leaving me an my husband alone. Lets just say opportunity knocked down my door when they left. My husband feels there is only one cure for a pottymouth and that's a hairbrush on my bare bottom. I was really embarrassed because I wasn't sure when my brother and his wife would return from there stroll. Once the spanking began I wasn't even thinking about my brother waltzing in. My ass was on fire and all my focus was on that @#%*&!! hairbrush!

He wasted no time pulling down my jeans!

My brother and his sister walked in right after that last whack was given. I don't think they saw me getting spanked but knew something was up because the chair was still in the middle of the room and the hairbrush was on the chair. But then again only someone who's into spanking would notice that...I hope.


puta SM said...

Parabéns...lindo o blog. Delicioso



Anonymous said...

very nice and quite right that a naughty little girl got a hairbrush spanking for being very rude by swearing ,love and spanks from tim xx

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Tim, I'm glad you enjoyed it.