Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scolding before a spanking.

A harsh or sharp reprimand.

That's the dictionaries meaning for scolding. I don't know about other spankee's but as for me my scolding begins prior to my spanking's, not during or after. My husbands ritual is to have me listen to a firm lecture before most of my spankings. Sometimes he'll take up to 10 minutes letting me know how he feels and what I did wrong. During the actual spanking he says very little. His hand just moves and my plees fall on deaf ears. After the spanking little is also said. I'm let up off his lap and he'll go back to doing whatever it was before he spanked me.
When I'm scolded I feel like a young girl who just disobeyed her parent. For me scolding is a bit of a turn-on and I know the lecture is for my own good. At time I'll pout or put my head down in shame during the scolding process. In the end I'm left with a red, sore bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Scolding before a scalding bottom...

Oh my, I love your cutey outfit Veronica. And your sad, guilty stance. You look every bit the naughty lil' daughter who's disgraced herself in the store. How dare you young lady ?

So as strict, loving mummy I'm going to punish you as a naughty lil' daughter. No, not the naughty step in afraid. Just desserts Veronica..old-fashioned, strict, Southern style domestic discipline. Exactly as I received as a naughty lil' one.

I'm fetching the Georgia botty smacker Veronica - the Lil' , thin, whippy, rattan switch. Just as my mom and grandma did. No need to fetch one from the garden. I keep it handy in the cupboard !

The Georgia botty smacker doesn't sting much through your lil' cutey red, snuggy shorts and panties Veronica. Oh no missy ! And that's exactly why I'm going to pull your shorts and panties down to your knees. Just as my mummy did to me in the 1960s. With my hands on my head to assist formality. Bare botties for bath times and spankings Veronica!

Oh my, the rattan cane certainly stings on a fair, sensitive -skinned, bare behind Veronica. That's the idea! a darn, horrid hornet's nest young lady ! But it's perfectly harmless and as a lil' girl I learned that a stinging, red bottom was just part of growing -up. Perfectly normal for naughty daughters!

Just one detail Veronica. I find that elasticated shorts and panties can be both pulled down in one swift tug. Bare botties in an instant (trembling in cool air) And I found that naughty daughters suddenly then realise the gravity of their tantrum and misbehaviour. And oh my, it's too late and mommy sure means business ! Attitudes will be adjusted Veronica :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx