Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Naughty Nurse

Ever since he was a small child Anthony wanted to be doctor. As a young man he worked two jobs to put himself through med school. After years of working at the General hospital the good doctor decided to open his own practice. He wanted to give back to the community and opened the PCS walk-in clinic downtown in the poorer section of the city. He became very popular in the community and soon he had more patients then he could handle. A few of his doctor friends did not want to join him so he decided to hire a nurse. After hours of interviews a young nurse named Veronica showed up. She was fresh out of nursing school and really needed a job. Anthony found her to be very friendly and smart but a little immature. He also found her very attractive. He hired her on the spot. When Veronica showed up for work she wore a traditional nurses uniform, cap and all. Her white dress was rather short but Anthony really liked what he saw and did not mind. Monday through Thursday, Veronica worked less each day. The waiting room was getting crowded and some of the regular patients complained about the young nurse. They said she was lazy and had a superior attitude. Anthony spoke to her and told her she needed to get more motivated if she wanted to last at his clinic. Friday came and it was the busiest day of the week. Anthony told Veronica to take a lunch break but make it quick. He had to go to the General hospital and make some rounds. He left her in charge and instructed her to call him up if any of the patients needed more then a check-up. Hours had past when the doctor returned to the clinic. It was almost five and he was very tired. When the doctor opened the front door he could not believe his eyes. The waiting room had at least thirty or so patients. They complained and stated that they have been waiting for hours. He noticed a sign on the door leading into the exam room that stated out to lunch. He opened the door and slammed it behind him. Veronica was sitting on the couch with her eyes closed. The couch was for patient's family members only. It was a place for them to sit during exams. Anthony was about to fire the young nurse but he was so mad he needed to act now. He sat down and yelled at Veronica but she told him she was tired and was out all night with her boyfriend. The doctor's rage got the best of him, he wanted to slap the young nurse but he couldn't hit a woman in the face. He decided to spank her instead. As Veronica stood up to go back to work (as if nothing ever happened) Anthony threw her over his knee and began a rain of slaps on her ass. She pleaded but it fell on deaf ears. He let her up and began to walk away when he heard the nurse giggle and say it didn't hurt. He again put her over his knee for a second time but yanked up her little white skirt. Like a possessed man he pulled down her panties and began to smack her on the bare ass. Her bottom jiggled and turned red before his eyes. He kept slapping as she yelled bloody murder and kicked up a storm. Her ass was fire engine red when he decided to stop. Veronica apologized and thanked him for spanking her. She went back to work and within two hours the waiting room was empty again.

He walked back to the clinic thinking the day was almost over.

He couldn't believe how crowded it was!

She has gone too far!

Nurse Veronica just sat there with her eyes closed.

He sat down and yelled.

As she stood up he decided to SPANK her.

The spanking was over, so he thought.

As he walked away the nurse giggled and taunted him.

Like a possessed man he bared her bottom and spanked her a second time.

Her bottom turned fire engine red.


Scott S. said...

Very nice and you are such a turn-on in that nurse's outfit, Veronica!
Now, where is that thermometer you've been promising us, eh? That scene would have been perfect!!
Keep up the great work!!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Scott, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Veronica you look very cute as a naughty nurse being spanked you are a very pretty girl ,love and spanks ,tim xx