Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Panties with instructions...

So you want a spanking but don't know how to ask for one. Wear a pair of these and your significant other should get the message loud and clear.

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Anonymous said...

These panties are so sexy on you Veronica, and my hubby agrees emphatically.
I've always loved the panties up or down debate. And the whole philosophy surrounding it. And also that strict notion, beloved of old -fashioned mummies, that "it was not your panties that misbehaved".
My upbringing was so very strict, seemingly pre-historic by modern standards ha-ha.
The 1960s in the South proclaimed domestic discipline. My mother did not think twice about pulling down my panties, bending me over the sofa, and soundly administering the little cane. She emphasised that it was punishment...and so sensitive, pale, bare-skinned botties were simply routine for my sister and me. No questions!! And the terrible sting was perfectly safe and harmless - which is important to state.
Yes it was harsh for me but my mother considered bare skin as necessary and normal. And how right she was Veronica.
When older, I obviously loved her uncompromising, traditional approach, which obviously framed and directed my spanking interest and views. Brenda x