Saturday, September 5, 2009

A public Spanking!

This was a recent spanking I got on the back porch. First off let me explain the geography of where the spanking took place. My neighbors yards are very close and the back opens up to a main road only a few hundred feet away.The camera was set on a tripod a few feet from the road. Like I said it's a major road with a strip mall across the way. If you listen carefully you'll hear cars in the back round. I also got a few beeps when my bottom was bared. You'll also hear one car beep a few times. That was some guy sitting double parked in his car watching the whole thing. He didn't start beeping until my panties came down.Sorry about the poor video quality. I plan on getting a better video camera next year. I never did anything this daring but the excitement turned us both on. It was a Friday afternoon so there was a lot going on outside. Turn up the volume to hear it all.


IspankLadies said...

Hope you do not create any problems for anyone.

I could imagine police being called.

I can also imagine a driver noticing and being distracted enough for an accident.

Alternatively, he might stop and be rear ended by someone else.

I wish I had the opportunity to spank you for taking such risks (grinning).

Much better would be a location on a pedestrian path or in a park.You and any watchers would experience the same excitement, but it would be saver

OldFashionGirl said...

The park is my next location.

onehardmann said...

Be Still my beating heart!

Anonymous said...

You are one naughty girl short skirt boots that sure were kicking in the air, he gave it to you good and hard and long. Just what you need and deserve. Can he spank me too?

Anonymous said...

forget the park, you need a video on the couch and much much closer

IspankLadies said...

Another virtue of the park is that if someone notices and calls the police, you and your "tormentor" will be gone.

At your house you may get a knock on the door.

Also, someone that knows your house can quickly find out who you are.

Finally, a park may have some things to help in your training such as switches etc.

Njspank said...

My favorite, great spanking, wonderful bottom, so real and the horn honking...amazing. Must have been an amazing turn on for you two. Thanks for sharing.