Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spanking in the news.

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Anonymous said...

Speak up !
Oh my Veronica, a belated thank you for this lovley article, written in 1952. I love the letters on the right-hand page, talking about caning naughty daughters. So true, so strict and so ol' fashioned, traditional family values. That's how I appreciate things...

I was strictly raised later in the 1960s in Georgia State. Yes, my mother caned me when I was naughty. The cane or "rod" (in a faithful sense) was a flexible, rattan switch. A Southern speciality Veronica, Oucheeees !

When I was eight, mommy brought home the switch and it was kept in the cupboard. Crucially, I always got it on my bare botty, with my shorts and white, cotton panties pulled down. No exceptions. It stung to high heaven, that was the idea. The rattan switch on a bare botty was so effective !! (oh my) and was also harmless. Mommy was certainly in control Veronica ! She knew best. The switch (minus panties) was perfectly safe and stingy for naughty lil' daughters ! Bare botty was also in accordance with faith and traditional strict, family values. Quite right too ! Mom was so strict. No compromises Veronica :-(

Veronica, as a naughty daughter and strict ol' fashioned mom, I love to hear the real-life stories of strictly raised daughters and the stories from strict, loving mothers too. And fathers too of course. I'm in my 50s now and have never worried about PC. Spanking has always been part of my life. This is a fascinating article.

When I left home for College, I was mesmorised by Nu-West films and photos. The punishment scenes of Debby and her mother were unique and so realistic and reminded me of bare bottom punishment switchin's from my mother in the 1960s and 70s. And watching my younger sister get whuppin's too !

And today of course, I love and etc which offer a realistic retro perspective on real-life 1950s style domestic discipline for lil' daughters at home ! Exactly as I was raised.
Your Blog is the best Veronica.
Speak up !...for sure already Veronica !
Brenda xx