Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Uncle Joe (Part 2) "Hole-in-the-wall"

First you have to read "My Uncle Joe" posted back in May to appreciate this next photo set. As explained earlier, I got my first spanking when I was thirteen by my uncle. I later realized that he was a full fledged spanko when I found spanking paraphernalia at his home some years later. Years after that when I told my husband about my uncles shared interest in spanking my dear hubby spanked me in front of him sparing my bare bottom. It turned him on immensely. Earlier this past summer my husband was at my uncles house helping him paint when he too found spanking mags and videos in the basement of uncles home. Perhaps my husband did not fully believe me when I told him my uncle enjoyed spanking, he now was determined more then ever to spank me in my uncles presence. It took him a week to come up with the perfect plan to spank my bare bottom without seeming to obvious. The guest bedroom is adjacent to our bedroom. Hubby purposely put a hole in the wall. Then he came up with a story to tell my uncle that I broke the wall out of anger by putting a broom handle through it. Now he had a reason to spank me. So the story goes like this, we invite my uncle over around 8pm to help fix the wall with plaster since we all know my husband is not very handy. Hubby goes alone to the hardware store to purchase the items needed. Hubby returns home empty handed because the store is closed but he'll go first thing in the morning. We insist my uncle sleeps over so he doesn't have to make another trip. My uncle sleeps in the guest bedroom with full view into my room through the hole in the wall. The plan works like a charm!!! My husband told my uncle that if he hears slapping sounds coming from the bedroom not to be alarmed. "I'm going to spank her Joe" my uncle just smiled. So how can I bring this scenario to you my dear readers? We placed our camera right next to the hole so that the camera's view is very similar to my uncles view through the hole. I wore my long satin nightgown. Hubby had me kneel in front of the chair. Then he placed me over his knee. I do not wear panties to bed so all it takes is a lift and my bottom is exposed. At first my husband spanked me with my face towards the wall so there wasn't a full view of my bottom. After spanking me for several minutes he told me his left hand was starting to hurt and he wanted me to face the other way. Now my bottom was facing the wall and soon it was exposed. The spanking lasted for ever. It was loud and I knew my uncle could hear everything. Was he watching, you bet he was! The next day he told my husband the entire wall would have to be replaced due to the size of the hole. He said to leave it alone for now. Hm mm, I wonder why? I think we'll have to invite hubby's old Navy buddy and let him stay in the guest bedroom with the hole. Well that's another story soon to tell. Giggle!


Anonymous said...

Oh, to be your Uncle! Loved the story. Have a great evening.

Spanking Photos said...

Hey, you have a really good pictures here!



OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks guys.

jackmoor said...

Fantastic story and imagery! Loved it! Wouldn't mind spanking you either!