Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Veronica's Haunting (A sensual ghost story.)

Disclaimer: Besides spanking this photo-set also contains male nudity and the paranormal. Remember, the ghost are fake but the spanking is real.

In 1970 stood a male fraternity house just off campus. On October 31st of that year one of the pledge's girlfriend, a local sorority girl burned the house down as a prank. It was more then just a prank. Some say it was out of revenge. She recently discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. The girl not realizing anyone was home, poured gasoline and burned the old frat house to the ground.
Five young men are killed in the fire, burned to ashes. The girl took her own life and justice was never served. The lot was leveled off and soon nature claimed it. Years later no one could tell that a home once stood there.
The new millennium arrived and realtor's bought the lot and built a new home. A young woman named Veronica and her husband bought the house. One night Veronica was almost asleep when an apparition appeared. It was a nude transparent male. In an instance it was gone. The following day she researched the house only to find out what once took place. It's been nearly forty years and she was not too concerned. Weeks went buy without any paranormal activity.
One afternoon while in the kitchen she felt someone lifting up her dress, she looked over to see the nude male again. She turned around and caught another male through the corner of her eye sitting in a chair. He too was nude and pointing to his lap. He then moved his hand up and down as if he was spanking someone but no one was over his knee. She ran upstairs yelling for her husband but yet another ghost appeared. He had his hand on his member and was stroking it! Veronica ran back downstairs and sat down. She was out of breath. Her husband showed up and knelt next to her. He was a firm man but loved his wife very much. As he calmed her down another ghost showed himself. He too was naked holding his penis. She mentioned everything to her husband but he saw no ghost. He stood up and was angry at his young wife. As he walked away he threatened her with a spanking. SPANKING, the word summoned several of the ghost and now Veronica sat with them watching, perhaps waiting as to what will take place.
Like the little girl in the Poltergeist movie she yelled "they're HERE!" Her husband grabbed her and as promised took her across his knee's. Veronica looked around as she got a spanking. She saw the ghost watching her, they are masturbating and waving their manhood at her. Her eyes fixated on them. She realized how perfect they are. All lean and muscular, all well hung young men. There members stood erect and perfect. Large cocks all around. She loved to get spanked even though it hurt, that and all the naked male ghost made her wet. Besides her pleasure her mind ran wild with thoughts. She then made a discovery. Her husband belonged to the local fraternity and she to a local sorority when they went to college. Yes it all made sense. The ghost are getting revenge by watching her get spanked. They also seemed to be enjoying it. Her bottom was now bared and on fire. The men died in a fire and she is able to piece it all together. She cried from pain and remorse, she said she was sorry and was sincere. Her husband stopped spanking her but the sorry was meant for the ghost. They smiled and vanished. She sacrificed her bottom so they can rest in peace...


Anonymous said...

Cool story, and for a minute I thought the Ghosts might want to play.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see these ghostly stiff dicks while you're getting what you deserve, you little hussy ;)))

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OldFashionGirl said...

Ofcourse Richard, already done.

Anonymous said...

Veronica, fantastic! Love the story and the imagery. Excellent, please keep it up. Jack xx