Monday, November 16, 2009

Caught with my pants down...literally.

This next story is kinda funny. I had a huge get-together at my house over the summer. I had food catered and lots of beer etc. All the guest are friends of mine from work and whoever they decided to bring along. I do it every year but this year my husband had to work and couldn't get the day off. I have a large yard and that is where most of my guest congregated. I have to admit, I drank one beer too many and was feeling quite tipsy. I went to grab a pitcher of ice water when I spilled it on my pants. I told my guest I'll be right inside drying my pants off. I went to the kitchen area and stripped out of my pants and stuck them in the dryer. I was wearing a black shirt that covered me well enough to stand there in only my panties. To me the shirt was sort of like a micro-mini skirt so I didn't mind being caught with no pants on. A few guys came in from the outside to use the bathroom. You have to enter the kitchen from the back porch door in order to get to the rest room. I saw their eyes light up and size me up as they entered my home. I felt a little embarrassed and turned my back to them in order to conceal my front. Their eyes then became fixated with my derriere which I didn't mind much, after all guys will be guys. They sort of began to flirt with me and I with them. Like I said we all had one beer too many. It was then that my husband entered the house just coming home from work. The look on his face was priceless. He turned beet red and his eyes widened. He kept his composure and greeted our guest while I explained to him why I was standing in the kitchen with a group of guys and no pants on. The guys went back outside when the yelling began. He was real pissed! He grabbed a chair and positioned it right next to the glass door my guest are using to enter my home. I was yanked over his knees and he began to spank me. I kept looking out the glass door and could see my guest but a few feet away. What if someone enters. Would they stop him? Would they call the police or would they just watch? I think I know the answer to that one but none the less I didn't want the people I work with to see me over my husbands knee. My panties were yanked down with force and he really laid into me. The voices outside became louder and I could see my guest standing right near us. I couldn't jump off his lap or free myself. The music outside was loud and I don't think they can hear the rhythmic slapping sounds coming from inside. Suddenly I saw a guy right next to the door about to open it when I pinched my husbands leg real hard and I managed to escape and pull up my undies. I sat down and crossed my legs. I then realized how much my butt burned. It was a guy I worked with who entered the house. He asked to use the rest room and I pointed him in the right direction. He did have a smirk on his face and looked at me for a few moments. When he was out of sight my husband threw me right back over his knee and finished spanking me. Then he yelled "NEXT TIME I CATCH YOU WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN I'M GOING TO MARCH YOU OUTSIDE AND IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL YOUR FRIENDS SPANK YOU ON THE BARE ASS!!!" I was let up and told to stand in the corner. Next time I'll try hard not to get caught with my pants down. Or maybe not!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Love it

Hermione said...

That was a yummy story! Just goes to show how dangerous a few too many beers can be.


Anonymous said...

Priceless story, I loved it and wish I had been there. Oh and by the way, my vote is for "Or maybe not". Have wonderful evening.