Monday, December 28, 2009

Look what I found!!!

During the Christmas holiday my husband and I went to a friends house. He had some photo albums laying around so I began to browse through them. One of the pictures I found was of a birthday spanking giving to yours truly about six years ago. It was one picture I posed for during my party. I forgot the picture was taken by several of our friends. I thought it was cute and to think he has this album out for all who enter his home to view. I asked if I can get a copy and have it re-developed. It appears to be bare bottom but I actually had on panties. Those where my less daring days. I placed some captions on it and it now graces my photo album as well.


Lil Sam said...

Love the pic.and tradition. Now that is a tradition I would not mind starting. since my birthday is not far off, it could be the start of one with my new husband
Lil Sam

Anonymous said...

I love the tradition of “Birthday Spanking” and I especially love that look on your face.
It is a very nice picture of you, even if you do look a little distressed. I am including a little story for you that in my mind goes in the same venue as the theme of that photo. I hope you enjoy it, such as it is.

“A Party”
He knew she had drunk too much, but she could not use that as an excuse. She had already been warned about over indulging with alcohol. He was very angry about her behavior. She had flirted and basically exposed herself to his friends. Her dress had been too short and unbeknown to him; she had not worn any panties. He waited until the next day to tell her she was going to be punished for her wonton behavior. A special punishment she would not soon forget. He let her think about what was going to happen until the weekend.
He made wear the same short dress and instructed her not to wear any panties. He blind folded her and told her they were going to a secluded cabin close by; said nothing on the way to the cabin, he want her to anticipate what possibilities could be coming later. When they arrived at the cabin, he led her to the door and helped her inside. The smell of scented candles fragrance filled the room, and her favorite soft music was playing. The five guys she had flirted with were already there. He had set this up with them earlier in the week.
You will wear this blindfold all evening, he whispered to her. He could see and feel her apprehension. He squeezed both of her ass cheeks unmercifully, and felt her quiver and shake at the onslaught. You teased these guys and infuriated me, so now all of us are going to spank you. I will be the last, and if I am not sure you have learned you lesson all of us will start over again.
But this is the end of my part of the story; the rest will have to be told by her!

IspankLadies said...

You might wish to explain how you came to receive that spanking (was it a party in your honor for instance)and whether in that circle similar spankings were traditional.

You may also wish to do a photo essay showing how things have evolved since I suspect it was not the last spanking you received on a birthday, and you views on how one should be given and received.

OldFashionGirl said...

Lil Sam let me know how the birthday spanking goes? Anonymous, thanks for the great story. It sounds like something that could happen to me. ISpankLadies, It was my birhtday party.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the two grammatical errors in the story. I called myself proof reading it. But yes indeed the story was written with you in mind.
Have a great day!