Monday, December 14, 2009

"The phone conversation"

Jacob is a guy I work with and even though there is a mutual attraction between us he knows I'm married and besides some harmless flirting we are just good friends. I have plenty of male friends but I must be honest, I have a crush on Jacob. We decided to go out to a local pub one evening and since my husband had not yet arrived from work I left him a note stating I would be out with my best friend Tiffy. That was a big mistake because while I was out Tiffy had called looking for me. She left a message on the answering machine stating that she'll be out of town and will call back in a few days. When my husband got home he listened to the message and then erased it. He also read the letter and knew I was lying. My husband then went out to get a bite. When I got home I thought he was still at work. Moments later the phone rang and it was Jacob. Jacob was complimenting me on how sexy I looked and we flirted on the phone a bit when my husband walked in the door. "Who are you on the phone with?" I told him it was Tiffy. He walked over and grabbed the phone from me and began to speak. ("Hi this is Anthony, Veronica's husband who am I speaking with. Well hi Jacob, how do you know Veronica? That's alright I don't mind that you two are friends. No you did nothing wrong and are more and welcomed to call here and hang out with her. Well the problem I have is that she lied to me. My wife gets spanked when she acts like a child. Yes like a real spanking, I put her over my knee and spank her right on her butt. You are more and welcome to stay on the line and listen.")He then put the phone down and began spanking me. When he lifted my skirt up he saw I wasn't wearing any panties and spanked even harder! After it was over he picked up the phone again and as I had imagined Jacob was still on the other end.("Sorry you had to listen to that. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it come tomorrow. Okay, goodnight to you too.") Needless to say I called out sick the next day. Lesson learned, don't lie especially when you are on the phone with the opposite sex.


Anonymous said...

I suspect Jacob will want to see the results of the spanking he heard over the phone, I know I would have. Who knows he might have recorded your spanking? But that episode might have warranted a hairbrush spanking from your husband, since you obviously did not learn your lesson from the “speeding ticket”.
This is a very erotic story of the misdeeds of Veronica. Very nice!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Loki, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

IspankLadies said...

In a couple of the pictures it looks like there is a dark strap between you cheeks such as a thong. Did you lie to your fans?

If so you know the punishment which I or others would prescribe for you. Perhaps you husband would carry it out with one of us supervising over the phone.

This does raise the question of when you choose to wear panties and what your rule is. I would normally expect they would be called for with that dress, especially if going to see a male somewhere.

The only reason I could see for not doing so would be to facilitate your husband's discipline.


OldFashionGirl said...

The string is from the skirt, it has a drawstring at the waist. Many times I don't wear panties and I'm not a fan of thongs because they are too uncomfortable. I just rather wear no panties but you are right, with such a short skirt I should of worn panties. Thank goodness it wasn't windy outside!

Paddy P said...

Must say this scene reminds me so much of my big sister a long time ago when she was hogging the phone all day talking to some girlfriend of hers. My mother got so exasperated that is exactly what she did.
Took the phone from her, told her friend to hang on and put my big sister over knee and spanked her as her friend listened.
Always remember that, the story was all over school and my sister was humbled for months, and she wasn't that young either she was well into her teens, though it was over 30 years ago

Paddy P

OldFashionGirl said...

What a sight it must of been! Thanks Paddy for sharing.