Monday, December 28, 2009

A public spanking

I posted a video clip a while back to this next photo-set.It was a very public spanking I received on my back porch. There was numerous parked cars across the way and lots of horn blowing. Here is the link to the video clip.

This is the strip mall across the way. I took a close-up picture so you can see how crowded it gets.

More cars parked on the other side. Both white and yellow cars had occupants. The yellow car was the one doing most of the horn blowing.


Lil Sam said...

That was quite the spanking,
Bet there were alot that enjoyed it as well
hugs Lil Sam

Anonymous said...

That was such a fantastic video; one can just imagine what was going on in the minds of those watching it first hand. The photo set was also awesome. You are such a treat to watch when you are getting spanked.

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. xoxo!

Anonymous said...

The great outdoors - silence is broken...smack, smack, smack...
Wonderful Veronica - so swell ! Imagine seeing this for real. Oh my, delicious already !
My hubby and I love outdoor spankings - not easy already ! ha-ha
Love the cars viewing. Quite right. Veronica, this was a normal scene back in the 1960s in Georgia when I was a lil' girl. I saw girlfriends in my Church group (and from school) who gotten their botties reddened in a spontaneous fashion.

Veronica, it was a mother's duty to take a naughty daughter to a quiet corner of the parking mall, or the park. A little pair of shorts would come down, followed by a lil' pair of cotton panties. A whiter-than-white, chubby botty would then get a darn, good mommy-approved whuppin'. Occasionally you could see the lily-white skin turn tomato red, and for sure you could hear the smacks and the girl's howling ! Like a swarm of bees had descended on a daughter's tender bare white botty for maternal justice Veronica. Dead right too ! Poor mommies must not suffer in silence !

I found it too exciting already. I think all we girlies did back then. It was a normal outdoor mommy-instigated scene. All the other moms approved. Some girls gotten their bare legs smacked too, lifting dresses already. In my mother's typically cute, scary and cringing manner (she was an older mom with traditional 1940s/50s Southern views) she would say that spanking bare skin on naughty legs and spanking bare skin on naughty bottoms were at one. And she would say that Brenda (and my sister) would get the cane with their panties pulled down, on their bare backsides, when were naughty back in the house. Spanking always seemed to feature in conversations between moms. And between we girls too.

Mother did not spank us in public...I wish she had done so already Veronica. But she often took us home in anger for a bare botty switching with that dreaded rattan cane. It was terrible, but harmless. It sure did we daughters good over the long term....and the short term too with the "hornets nest" raging against our exposed bums. Oh my !

Veronica, I do always imagine you getting caned by my mother in those days. And caned by me today !! :-) I always gotten excited by my retro-approach, but now in my 50s, that is even more prevalent. I was lucky to have been raised in those very strict, Ol' fashioned 1960s, with stern domestic discipline, and it is something have tried to share with my peers ever since !
Naughty Lil' Outdoor Brenda xx