Thursday, February 11, 2010

What every naughty girl needs!


Anonymous said...

I love this video, very nice. Here are a couple of clips I found, that surely show girls never learn. I thought they might be fitting for such a naughty minx like yourself, since you have one of the sweetest most spank-able asses in Texas; and you always seem to find a way to get in to trouble.

Anonymous said...

Daughter- Mother-Wife ! Don't spare the rod ...
For sure Veronica - love the panties down, baring moment here. So Very CP. I approve.

As a 1950s born lil' daughter in Georgia, I gotten my bare bottom whooped with the cane by my mom in my childhood (very strict upbringing, Christian household)...a good, Southern family swithcin' already !

As a loving, strict working 1980s two daughters gotten their bare bottoms whooped with the cane by me in their childhoods - a good Southern family switchin' already !

And now as both a "spankee wife and spanker wife" in my late 50s (my daughters long left home in their thirties just)....both me and my hubby gotten our bare asses beat with the cane by each other when we are naughty !...a good, Southern' family switchin' already :-)

So this video is a true lifelong learning experience and account Veronica !

CP sure works best. Not PC !

Strict loving Daughter, Wife and Mother, Brenda xx