Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheerleader Spanked!

Veronica sat on the couch as she waited for father to come home from work. He had a busy day at the office and was running a little late. Veronica was growing angry since cheer leading practice was at 6pm and it is now 6:05. As soon as father came home she began badgering him. This continued for several minutes until he decided to spank her. It has been several years since he last spanked his daughter but his patience was stretched to the limit. Veronica could not believe she was face down across her father's knee. She was the most popular girl in school, the cheer captain and prima donna extraordinaire! The spanking was brief but hurt like heck! Her bottom was even bared for a few hard whacks. Yes father will still spank her and now she is aware of this fact. Will it happen again? Until next time...xoxo!


Lil Sam said...

you have a nice blog, hope veronica learned something. bet she gets it again
Lil Sam

Anonymous said...

Daddy knows best, and in your case he reminded you that you are never too old to go across his knee. This scenario I am sure will be played out more in the coming months as I feel you like to push his buttons and his limits, and thankfully for us viewers we will get to see the action and the results.
As for Cheerleaders; Once in High School a Cheerleader I knew very well started asking me about “How did a spanking feel”. Well one thing lead to another and we sneaked into the principal’s office and I removed his paddle from his desk. It was Friday and pep rally season, so she was wearing her cheerleader outfit. I bent her over the desk, flipped up skirt, and proceeded to give her three very firm but not full force licks with the paddle
When she rose up off the desk her face was red and flushed and she immediately grabbed her butt and started rubbing it. I politely replied, “Now you know what a spanking feels like”.

OldFashionGirl said...

Part two is comming soon.