Saturday, March 6, 2010

A few slipper pics!


Anonymous said...

A nice slipper for your very deserving bottom woman; not exactly like “Alice in Wonder Land”, but Oh so much nicer for us watching.

Anonymous said...

Veronica being English the slipper was used at my school ,not on me i was good lol ,love and spanks tim xxx

OldFashionGirl said...

The slipper is one of my favorite implements second only to a hand.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such cutey shorts and panties Veronica. As a strict mommy I'd like to give you a Southern whuppin' with that slipper too ! (so would my hubby of course)

You know that the switch is my favourite Veronica, the lil' rattan switch like my momma used on me and my lil' sister growing up.
In Georgia, cutting a switch was traditional in strict households, but instead, my momma kept a whippy, thin, rattan, switchy- cane in the cupboard.
My mom was older than other moms and very stern when it came to spankings. Wishy washy approaches to smacked bottoms were not adopted by mother. She always applied the switch to the bare skin on my bottom - so I will deal with you the same Veronica. With you cutey white shorts and panties pulled down to your knees.

I spent many a trembling journey back from the mall with mommy knowing that my ol' fashioned large snuggy 1950s style panties would not be protecting my tender, white botty cheeks from the hornets best (the dreaded rattan switch!!!)

Quite right. Mommy was correct. Strict loving mommies know that panties down is punishment in its own right. Humbling is important (but not humiliation) mommy also said that bare botties made punishment easier (Oh my Veronica, heat to the seat, I remember as a bratty ten year old)
And it also made whuppin's safer. In fact, there is no disadvantage or reason not to spank bare bottom, as ny mother always told me back un the day. I agree, in Strict Southern style! So I'm afraid I would deal with you exactly the same Veronica, young lady !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx