Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer is almost here!

Summer, the time of year I seem to get spanked the most is upon us once again. What is it about this time of year that earns me more spanking's. Perhaps it's my skimpy attire or the fact that I'm just more bratty during the summer months. I spend more during the summer and I'm more lazy that's for sure. With that said I wish you all a happy and safe summer. xoxox!


Ron said...


Am new to your blog but very nice, thanks for sharing and very hot. Loved the brushing you gave him but my favorites are the outdoor spankings you get, so fun. Thanks

Also your outfits and scenes are amazing.


Ron said...


I commented earlier and unsure why it was not posted.


OldFashionGirl said...

Sorry Ron, I don't read the blog everyday but I try and post everyone's comments. I'm glad you like the blog and please comment as much as possible so I can improve it. xoxoxo!

Ron said...

No need to improve, thanks, sorry was not being a pest, just love the blog and your relationship at home is awesome.

I will, promise.


Anonymous said...

Red legs bad, red botties good !

Veronica - I'm talking about sun burn versus momma's spankings (botty red skins)
As outdoor, very brown but naturally very fair-skinned girls, mommy always warned us about the Georgia sun and harmful rays. For such an ol' fashioned momma, she was way ahead of her time on advising us to prevent sun burn. Very sensible ! And this was integral to her kind, practical and no-nonsense approach.

So oh my, we lil' girlies were for sure as brown as berries over time, but we generally managed to avoid sun burn on any occasion. But, oh my, Veronica, this was the strict, conservative 1960s/70s...and so sadly we did not manage to avoid mommy's whuppin's. When dad was away, the mice would play, and get their bottoms smacked when very naughty.

But she was soooo right Veronica. Exposing sensitive skin to the Georgia sun was harmful; but pulling down panties and exposing the (non sun-tanned) cotton -white, sensitive skin on our botties to mom's rattan switch (kept in downstairs cupboard) was...Oucheeeees...harmless Veronica. I've always loved that paradox Veronica. Although mother was so strict and 1950s, I don't think she even saw a paradox!!

This "red skin" paradox typified mommy's combination of extreme strict discipline with loving, kind nurturing and diligence for her two lil' daughters. In summary it was good Ol' fashioned Southern style Veronica !
Over the years sister and I were firmly taught that a tender, white botty duly bared for momma's switchin' was completely harmless, but bare skin for too much Georgia sun was not !! So right too ! Oh my, I loved my mom's Ol' fashioned, cute 1950s ways.
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx