Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uncle Joe's collection

I really love the older man/younger girl scenario. This is my favorite from my dear old uncle's collection.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Great, that's Devlin O'Neill, I believe.

Would be great to see an excerpt from the other part of that now-unavailable film, the part featuring Madison Young, if you still have the tape at home, Veronica!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness.

For so many different reasons.

Dan Navarro said...

Wow, I counted 545 swats, all apparently non-stop... except for one cut, at the 2:11 point.

Good show!

Brett said...

Excellent spanking. That young lady's bottom must have been red for days.

Ron said...


Awesome,agree with Poppy, oh my goodness. What I love about this clip is it a true domestic otk spanking with the hand. That is a lost art in our spanking world, not that I don't love the hairbrush but to see a long sound hand spanking, that is the best.

Yes would love to see some of it over her panties but this is one awesome domestic spanking.

Many thanks for sharing



Michael said...

Great clip and great form, Dev. I won't mention the "older man" descriptor though. :)

DevlinONeill said...

Hi, Veronica, hi, Karl!

Yes, that's me and Cecilia from something called 'Summer Heat.' This was my second video shoot, and by far the one with the least dialog, although there was interplay between the characters both before and after this quite lengthy spanking.

As you noted, Veronica, the age difference is significant, at least 30 years. In fact she shouldn't, legally, have been having the beer she drank during a break.

I don't know if you saw the whole film or just this bit, but Cecilia really could brat it up, and as my 'niece' she rolled her eyes and gave me a totally exasperated, you have no clue sort of tone that would have made the best bratty teenager proud.

Karl, the video I shot with Madison Young was for Shadow Lane, and it's still in their library. The title is "Just Asking for It" or something like that, and was released last year.

Thanks very much for posting this clip, Veronica. It's the most I ever have seen of the video!

Hi, Poppy. :-)

DevlinONeill said...

I just realized, Karl - this was a two-part video, and I never saw the other half. Was Madison Young in it? She could have been, and I would never have noticed anyhow. That would be an astounding coincidence though.

OldFashionGirl said...

You are welcomed Devlin and may I comment what an excellent spanking you gave that young lady. A great spanking from a handsome man.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

I'm pretty sure Madison Young was in the other part of Summer Heat. In fact that was the first movie that I'd seen her appear in -- well actually I only saw the trailers, not the movie itself.

DevlinONeill said...

Wow! Thanks VERY much, Veronica. Most kind of you to say. And yes, I blushed a little to read that, especially after Dan, Brett, Ron and Michael said what they said.

Dan, I'm astounded! Only 545?

No really, thanks for counting - that really is astonishing, and Cecilia is to be commended for taking all that. But we had to turn off the air conditioner, in Sacramento, in August. To finish the tape without my looking like I was wearing a wet tea towel, after this I had to take my shirt off and toss it into the dryer.

Brett, she did need arnica afterwards, but went to the bedroom after the camera stopped rolling to apply it. More's the pity, since my hand could have used some as well, only I was too macho to say so.

Ron, I seem to recall there were a few swats over the skirt and the panties right at the start, and I think a bit of scolding whilst I did it, but I can't be sure. Anyway, you're right - a long, drawn out, nothing but hand spanking on a naughty girl's bare bottom is a rarity nowadays, if ever it wasn't. Except in private, I mean. (Hi, Poppy.)

Karl, that really is a weird coincidence. I know the spanking-video actor community isn't that huge, but what are the odds? Anyway, thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

And Michael, when it comes to me, 'older' just means 'better.' ;-)

Thanks again, everyone, and glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

Should I change my mind about a summer visit? 545 swats?

oh my goodness.

But I agree with the handsome man part. :)

Anonymous said...

Expertly delivered, Dev. The ultimate in non-verbal communication.
I see keys and cigarettes on the floor so I'm wondering if a no smoking edict was violated. Aside from that, I couldn't help but think the only REAL struggle this young woman was having during her "ordeal" was maintaining constant rhythmic friction with her love button on Dev's right thigh. Don't tell me any different! Send her the dry cleaning bill! And while I'm not an expert in hair dye, her ample bottom cheeks colored up like a redhead regardless! ;-)

Thomas_III said...

Now, that was a long and thorough hand spanking. It reminds me of the challenge that I videotaped of seeing how many full-paced hand spanks Cookie could take before she or I gave out. I think she lasted just over five minutes at a blistering pace for the first spanking before my arm couldn't keep going, and about the same amount the second time before the spanking broke skin and we had to stop.

Anonymous said...


Royce said...

A very hot spanking indeed!
She took it well, but yes,

Oh my goodness!

Ron said...


Thanks for your comments and again wonderful spanking you gave her! Wow.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Wow nice vid ,with a cute little spankee ,thanks for posting it Veronica lovey any more you could show ff.,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely strict father teaching his naughty daughter a lesson in the traditional, ol' fashioned manner (a manner I sure gotten used to seeing over the years)

Veronica, being in my late 50s already and first as a naughty lil' Christian girl who gotten strictly raised in the 1960s, and then as a strict, loving mom, raising two daughters in the 1980s; I recall on many occasions strict moms in Atlanta, friends and family, and my own daughters asking why "the rod of correction" is applied to bare, unclothed bottoms and not clothed bottoms. Oh my !

My own mother (now in her 80s) was often around to give her own cute but scary accounts and give my young daughters the answer they sure did not want to hear Veronica !! But I think this lovely video gives the answer ! Maximum sting, maximum safety and maximum humbling. That fairest-white, sensitive-soft botty is sure feeling the hornets nest from father Veronica. Yes, agreed, a flexible, Southern switch sure gotten to help the sting along a bit.Oh my !

When my sister and me gotten naughty in those 1960s and our backsides needed switching, our mom always pulled down our panties and punished on tender bare skin- from the first to the very last. Oh my !!! We called the cane, the "hornets nest" on account of its ferocious but harmless sting on our bare princess botties ! Harsh but fair for naughty daughters !! We sure deserved it. Bare bum is the only way in my book veronica.

Your Uncle Joe sounds a lovely, kind strict guy ! Love his videos and your stories about him and your childhood. Please write more if you wish, young lady.
It's about CP already, not PC Veronica. Being a strict, loving mom in my late 50s, PC was much later and passed me by regarding spanking Veronica !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx