Monday, June 28, 2010

Wardrobe malfunction

A few months ago my husband's brother came to stay with us for a few days. He was suppose to have brought his wife along but came alone. As you all know I am not very modest with my attire but this particular evening I really did not intend to expose myself like I did. It was around 1am and I was getting ready for bed when I realized we had company so I couldn't sleep naked or wear my usual panties and tee. I threw on a baby doll which I thought covered me up rather well and entered the spare guest room to give my brother-in-law some fresh towels. We began conversing and I told him if he needed another towel that I'll be awake reading a magazine in my bedroom. I was commando under my baby doll but it was not see-through and I did not feel self- conscious over my attire. My husband at the time was in another room watching television and I lied down on my bed in my usual prone position and began to read a magazine. A few moments later I heard a light knock on the door to my bedroom and my brother-in-law was standing behind me. He asked me for some soap and I instructed him as to where it was. Only moments later my husband entered and began to scold me. I was informed that my entire bare ass was in full view. At first I thought he was only joking but when I reached back there I realized he was right. I didn't know the baby doll was that short. Omigosh! My brother-in-law saw my ass. I was a little embarrassed but thought it was funny. I began to tell my husband what had just happened moments earlier but he did not find it too funny. He closed the door to my room and took me over his knee and began to spank me. This was truly a wardrobe malfunction and I got spanked for it! Oh well, just another day in my life.


Funbun said...

Now that your brother in law had seen your bare butt, I wouldn't have closed the door.
I would have spanked you right in front of him, so that your brother in law could see how one deals with naughty girls...
I might even have asked him to deliver a second spanking himself.

Nice photos..!!! :-)

((((Hugs)))) Funbun

Brett said...

A fantastic set of pics, Veronica.

I don't think your brother-in-law is going to forget that night. ;)

Thomas_III said...

I agree with Funbun. Besides, unless your room is soundproof, he'd have heard the spanking and figured out what was going on, anyway.

However, to your credit, maybe your brother-in-law assumed that you were wearing a thong that just wasn't visible from where he was standing? Sorry, but that's about all the hope that I can offer that your modesty might not have been fully dissolved.

Ron said...

Wow, agree with all here but yes I would spank you in front of the brother in law!

Wow, Veronica, as much as I love your panty spankings, must tell you that is one hot outfit and great to spank you in, you are beautiful and have a wonderful and lovely bottom.

Very hot scene and photos.

Be well and thanks for sharing.


Ron said...


Love the way you hold your arms up on his lap, only thing sexier is when you hold onto his legs.

Many thanks and be well.


Clydes Adult World said...

You really should of gave the Brother in law the pleasure of punishing you also.Nice pictures.
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OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks boys for all the sweet comments. xoxoxoxo!